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Ugly Christmas Jumpers

18th December 2018

Christmas is one of those weird times of year where it’s acceptable (and almost expected) to wear the most outrageous, wacky outfits. The general rule of Christmas jumpers is the uglier, the better. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite ugly jumpers… which is something we never thought we’d be saying. 

1! ASOS Slogan Jumper with Sequins- £28

ASOS Merry Christmas Jumper Green.jpg

This lil number is super oversized and the perfect Christmas green colour. The sequins in the centre stripes are arranged to spell ‘Merry Christmas’ which is a great way to share festivities with everyone you meet. It will also keep you nice and cosy, which is a must for this time of year!



2! ASOS Metallic Fringe Jumper- £15

ASOS with tinsel.jpg
ASOS with tinsel.jpg

We love tinsel during the festive season… so what would be better than going all out and dressing in it? The metallic fringing on this jumper gives us some serious tinsel vibes and we are living for it! What’s even better is that this is in the sale for just £15, so if you’re looking for a cheap way to get festive, this is it!

3! Boohoo Elf Twin Twosie- £28

Boohoo Twin Jumper.jpg

Got a bestie who you are basically attached to at the hip? This is the jumper for you. This is the most hilarious Christmas jumper we’ve seen and it’s definitely going to get you noticed at a Christmas party. For just £28, this jumper is technically BOGOF as you can fit two of you in there. It’s also perfect for keeping warm as you can make the most of each other body heat!




4! New Look Mince Pies Before Guys- £15.99


New Look Mince Pies Before Guys.jpg

Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper with life advice on? ‘Mince Pies Before Guys’ is definitely a phrase we can get behind! A mince pie will never let you down... that’s something we can promise you. This jumper is so festive and definitely stylishly gaudy! We can see these going out of stock quickly, so grab yours while you can!

5! New Look Turkey Jumper- £22.99


New Look Pom Pom Turkey.jpg

There’s no denying that Christmas dinner is one of the best parts about Christmas day (not forgetting the leftover dinner sandwiches that follow). Why not flaunt the Christmas turkey on your jumper? This jumper is super cute and the right amount of ugly. The pom poms really add an extra bit of crazy detail that we are loving! Head to your local New Look to grab this turkey that won’t go out of date and can be reused next year… and the year after that!



Check out our linked article on how to avoid the torture of buying an itchy jumper here … trust us, it’ll save you a lot of uncomfortable situations!


We hope we’ve managed to sort you out with your ugly Christmas jumper this year! If you buy any of these or have your own that you want to show off, please send us a picture via email ( or social media (@wonkscience) with the hashtag #stemintochristmas!


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