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Top 5! Christmas Film Recommendations

15th December 2018

There’s no better feeling than shutting the curtains, cuddling up in your festive pyjamas and cuddliest blanket and sticking on a Christmas film. What makes it even better is being surrounded by Christmas decorations and sipping on a hot chocolate with marshmallows… mmm! Although there aren’t really any bad Christmas films, there are some that are better than others. Here we have a list of our Top 5! Christmas Film Recommendations!​

5! A Christmas Prince

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This Christmas film only came out on Netflix last year and it’s one of those films that isn’t even that great, but it gets you feeling all Christmassy and happy inside! It’s the classic story of a someone pretending to be someone else and then falling in love the person they’re lying to. We promise you won’t regret watching this… it’s perfect to snuggle up to on a cold night with a hot drink and popcorn!

4! The Polar Express

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We could watch this film over and over without getting bored! It’s a good one to watch on Christmas Eve. The storyline is so sweet and heart-warming and you’ll love the characters! The only disappointment we had with this one was not being whisked away on a rollercoaster train ride to the North Pole, but you can’t have it all!




3! Love Actually

Love actually.jpeg

Fancy a Christmassy Romance? This film will not disappoint. It follows the love lives of different people, with plenty of love triangles, new romances and marriages falling apart. Be prepared to get personally involved in all the characters’ lives and feel all ranges of emotions… but most of all enjoy the Christmassy feeling that you get during and after!  




2! How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Now, we’re not talking about the new cartoon version… we’re talking Jim Carey and the people of Whoville with turned up noses. Despite the whole idea of the film being to ruin Christmas, it’s full of a Christmas spirit that you can’t avoid! The Grinch is a weirdly likeable character for somebody so mean, especially after his heart grew 3 sizes (check out how this could have happened here).




1! Elf


This is a firm favourite Christmas film and should be everyone’s favourite. It’s all about a human who has been bought up as an elf and innocently makes his way to New York to find his Dad. It will keep you laughing from start to finish with silly humour- who doesn’t want to laugh at Christmas? We tend to have this on repeat from the 1st December until Christmas Day… excessive? We think not.



Let us know what your favourite Christmas film is via email ( or social media (@wonkscience) with the hashtag #STEMintoChristmas.

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