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Stay Hot This Summer

3rd June 2018

Yes, the weather is getting warmer and yes, we are grabbing last year’s dresses, skirts and shorts from the back of the wardrobe! We’ve recently been seeing some great new trends strutting their way down the catwalk and we can’t wait to try them out for ourselves. Luckily some of our old outfits fit the bill and can be recycled for the new season (trendy and thrifty!)!

We’ve got the seasons trends down to Wonk!'s Top 5! We definitely recommend you take a look through your wardrobe to see what hidden gems you have to keep you on trend!

First up is:

1. Pastels

Pastels are our personal favourites! They are so pretty and effortless… perfect for a day down at the beach! It is very rare that they aren’t on trend, and we are so glad it’s stayed this way!

On the catwalk:

This catwalk look has paired two beautiful pastel coloured pieces with a bold under-layer for extra dimension! This look is certainly eye-catching on the catwalk however not ideal for everyday wear (unless you’re feeling brave, then you go for it!).


We love this casual pastel option from Pretty Little Thing!

Top: £10, Shorts: £18

2. Ruffles

Ruffles are huge this year, so make sure you grab them now before they go out of stock! These can be worn in so many different ways and add a little extra something to your outfit.

On the catwalk:

We absolutely love this dress and would die for the chance to wear something like this. The model here has paired this beautiful frilled number with black tights and a statement shoe. Let's take a look at something a little more wearable!


How about this Fashion Union dress?

Dress: £28



3. Bold Colours


If pastel colours aren’t your thing, or you fancy something a little more eye-catching, then why not try out the bold colour trend. This can be anything from blue to red to orange! Whatever floats your boat.


On the catwalk:

This outfit screams SUNSHINE, and we are loving it! We do, however, feel something with a more casual vibe would be better suited, whilst still sticking with the bold colours!

How about this punny top from H&M? Read on and see if you can spot the double trend!

Top: £7.99

4. Sequins

Give us an excuse to whip out the sparkles and we’re there! We’re very excited that sequins are hot this season and actually come in a surprising amount of forms; swimsuits, shorts, playsuits, you name it!

On the catwalk:

This particular outfit is the perfect sequin statement, leaving you sparkling like a disco ball (read on to see how disco balls work!). This one is not so good for those hot summer days… long black sleeves and a high neck in bright sunshine? No thank you! Luckily, there are some great high street alternatives available!

This Barbie top from Missguided with sequin sleeves is just perfect for a casual day! We love the shorts paired with it too!

Top: £20, Shorts: £15

5. Checks

We love picnics, so we love nothing more than dressing like a picnic blanket! In all seriousness, checked clothes are timeless. They are back, and they mean business!

On the catwalk:

This checked red coat is so striking and has been paired with a patterned dress and long statement boots! While we love the pattern, we feel walking around town like this might attract some funny looks.

This checked skort from New Look is the perfect look for those fun days out!

Skort: £14.99, Top: £5.99


We love a good disco and we are always first and last on the dance floor, dancing the night away under the lights of a disco ball. But how does a little ball manage to fill a room with sparkling light? The answer to that is PHYSICS. This isn’t as scary as it sounds and will be a conversation starter at your next disco!

A disco ball is made up of loads of tiny square mirrors, stuck onto a sphere. Because it is on a sphere, every piece of mirror is facing a slightly different direction! When a light is shone onto a rotating disco ball, the light will be reflected (bounce) off of the mirror pieces, at the different angles until it hits another solid surface, like the floor or walls. This produces that beautiful glittery atmosphere.

Why not try and make one yourself? Send us a picture of the finished product to, or tag us in a post on Instagram (@wonkmagazine) for a chance to be featured on our website!

Sphere– £3

Mirror Pieces– £2.99

Superglue– £3.50

Back to the fashion!

What was your favourite trend? Why not tweet us (@magazinewonk) showing some of your outfit ideas?