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Sleeping In Your Makeup?

2nd June 2018

We've always been told to make sure we take our makeup off before going to sleep, but why? I know what you're thinking, and it's not to save us from those ghastly morning panda eyes, or a full face of makeup imprinted on that lovely white pillowcase.


It has recently been found that a woman in Australia, developed eye problems which weren't at all glamorous! She claimed that she rarely took off her mascara before bed, which very nearly led to her losing her vision entirely! 


She went to the doctors when she began to feel like something was in her eyes, and when the doctor took a closer look under her eyelid, he found many dark lumps on the conjunctiva (the clear membrane which lines the eyelid). Aside from being very uncomfortable, the lumps had also damaged the cornea (the outer layer of the eyeball, covering the pupil and iris). 


The dark lumps under her eyelid were later discovered to be a build up of mascara. These could have led to an infection, which would have caused her to go blind! Luckily, as it was caught before infection, the lumps were able to be removed, however, she now has permanent scars on her eyelids!


Moral of the story is: no matter how lazy you may be feeling, take your makeup off at night. Not only will you keep your eyes safe, but you'll also keep your pillowcase clean and wake up with a fresh face! It's a WIN, WIN... WIN situation!

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