"No-bake festive treat... easy to make and delicious to eat!"

Rudolph is by far the most easily recognisable of all the reindeer, due to his bright red hooter (check out our post about how Rudolph’s Red Nose could have come about). This makes him perfect to use as a model for Christmas crafts. These no-bake sweet treats are delicious, cute and so simple!


  • Milk Chocolate (about 20g per marshmallow)

  • Giant Marshmallows

  • Red M&M’s (or Smarties or Skittles)

  • Pretzels

  • Blue writing icing


  • Microwavable bowl

  • Spoon

  • Fork

  • Plate

  • Metal spatula

  1. Break up the chocolate into a microwavable bowl and put it in the microwave on a medium heat for 1 minute

  2. Take it out and stir is and put it back in the microwave for 20 seconds and repeat until it is fully melted

  3. Put a marshmallow on a fork and spread a thin layer of melted chocolate over the edges and the top

  4. Carefully take the marshmallow off the fork and place it on a plate (if you smudge any of the chocolate, smooth it over with the spoon once it’s on the plate)

  5. Repeat with all your marshmallows

  6. Once the chocolate starts to set, put an M&M in the centre of the side of the marshmallow

  7. Break a pretzel in half and press them (standing up) into the chocolate on either side of the top of the marshmallow. These will be the antlers.

  8. Using the writing icing, add two blobs just above the nose (M&M) to create the eyes.

  9. Repeat with all the other marshmallows

  10. Leave to set

  11. Use your spatula to remove the chocolate marshmallows from the plate and transfer to a new plate

  12. ENJOY!

*TOP TIP*: You can also use brown M&Ms for all, but one, of your reindeer to create Rudolph and friends.

If you recreate these Rudolph Marshmallows, we’d love to see a picture! Send them over to our email ( or social media (@wonkscience) with the hashtag #STEMintoChristmas!