Wrap in Newspaper

9th Govember 2019

On Christmas Day, we get given gifts that are beautifully wrapped and then within 0.2 seconds, the paper is shredded to pieces. It's more about the element of surprise than the appearance of it.

Each Christmas, we throw away around 108 million rolls, which may get a quick Instagram pic under the Christmas tree and is then torn up and thrown away. You occasionally get a careful unwrapper who will painstakingly peel each piece of sellotape off and fold up the paper to reuse another time. But, realistically, this can only be done once.

You may also put your wrapping paper in the recycling bin, feeling like an eco-warrior, but not all of that will be recycled. A lot of wrapping paper is poor quality, so the fibres it's made out of aren't strong enough to recycle. It may also be laminated or contain glitter, which becomes problematic.

Rather than using wrapping paper, that's sole purpose is to wrap gifts, you could start wrapping gifts using repurposed paper. The best type of paper to use would be an old newspaper or magazine. This usually comes in quite large sheets and can leave you with a really cool printed gift wrapping.

This newspaper has already been used for its purpose and can then have its lifespan extended as wrapping paper. You could top it off with some twine and holly leaves for a cute, eco-friendly gift.

Come back tomorrow for using reusable water bottles.

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