Use Food Before Its BBE

18th Govember 2019

The 'best before end' date on food isn't an indication of the safety, but rather the quality. Despite that, it's always best to eat the food before it reaches that date to eat it at its full potential.

We currently live in a world where food is very accessible, but that doesn't mean we should take that for granted and be wasteful. It's so important to try really hard to only buy what you need and use up food before it has to be thrown away.

You should always make sure you know what you have in your fridge and cupboards and plan around the food you already have. This might mean topping up your stock with some new additions to complete a recipe.

Some great ways to save food from going to waste is to make a soup or sauce. These are great for using up veggies and meat that are on the edge. You could also make chutneys or jams to preserve old fruits and veg- they make great gifts too!

Make sure you check your fridge and cupboards before you plan your dinners for the next few days and challenge yourself to use it up. Get creative!

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