Travel on Foot

8th Govember 2019

How many times have you needed to get somewhere that was under a half an hour walk away, yet still hopped in your car or hollered on your parents for a lift? It's something we're all guilty of because time can be precious and when there's a quicker and warmer alternative, why not?

We are becoming more and more reliant on cars to get around as families move further apart and jobs become further from home. While a vehicle may be necessary for longer journey's, shorter journey's can easily be travelled on foot or by bike.

More than half of the trips the UK takes in cars are less than 5 miles, which can easily be walked or cycled. It just so happens that these short journeys can actually be worse for the environment than long journeys. In the first 5 minutes of a trip, the car is still warming up, which releases a huge burst of pollution.

As well as reducing pollution and fuel consumption, walking instead of driving short distances can help you become healthier. If you were to drive a 5-minute journey, you would burn around 10 calories. Walking that very same journey would burn a couple of hundred calories! You'd also have the added bonus of no traffic, fresh air and time to admire the views.

In a world going a million miles an hour, give yourself that extra half an hour to walk to where you need to be. You'll enjoy the extra time to yourself and your body will thank you for it. If everyone followed in your footsteps (not literally, you creep), we'd be breathing much cleaner air, use less fuel and generally live a happier life.

From now on, think of a car journey as a luxury, not a necessity. If you have time to walk, do it. If you need to be a little quicker, ride a bike there. If you really do need to use the car, try to think of other errands you can do on the same journey to save time and make the most of the trip.

Come back tomorrow for sustainable wrapping!

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