Carry Cutlery With You

23rd Govember 2019

Single-use plastic cutlery has become increasingly popular as it's so convenient, cheap and disposable. They are easily used and then thrown away, without the need to wash them up.

While many fast food shops have their cutlery packed in with the food, for convenience, some will have the option to pick up cutlery at the napkin station. Of course, you don't want to be eating pasta or salad with your bare hands, so cutlery is a must. But, you don't have to go for the plastic option that they give you. Simply carrying around a spare knife (not sharp!), fork and spoon in your bag would save you from having to use plastic cutlery.

Most plastic cutlery currently used is thrown away in general waste and not recycled. This waste deposits into waterways and breaks down in our oceans and rivers, contaminating the water. Plastic pollution in the ocean can actually suffocate marine animals by becoming a barrier when doesn't allow air to penetrate the water.

Aside from its disposal, plastic cutlery is also bad for the environment before it's even used. It may be cheap to make, but at the cost of our environment. A lot of energy and carbon is produced when making plastic cutlery, accelerating global warming.

You can get some really great travel cutlery that is convenient for popping in your bag for when hunger strikes (which it inevitably will). Every time you decline a plastic set and whip out your reusable cutlery, just think about that dolphin's life you've just helped to save or that smaller carbon footprint you've achieved.

Here are some great options:

Amazon- Bamboo Cutlery Set

Etsy- Wooden Cutlery and Holder

Joseph Joseph- GoEat Cutlery Set

Wearth- Collapsible Cutlery and Straw Set

Come back tomorrow for clingfilm alternatives.

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