Swap to Non-Toxic Nail Polish

17th Govember 2019

You only have to open a bottle of nail polish to know that it contains some pretty strong chemicals. But it's all ok as long as you crack open a window, right? Unfortunately, although the smell tends to fade away, the chemicals don't disappear from your nails once dried.

The chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the nail bed and have adverse health effects. One study showed that women had TPHP, a chemical that interferes with hormonal systems, in their bloodstream up to 14 hours after painting their nails. Exposure to this chemical can have a negative impact on reproduction and development.

Luckily some brands have formulated non-toxic nail polish so you can keep your manicure looking fresh while looking after your health. The best non-toxic brand to buy from are:

1. Nailberry

2. Butter London

3. Ginger & Liz


5. Zoya

Come back tomorrow for using food before its BBE.

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