Say Goodbye to Standby

7th Govember 2019

You would never dream of going to bed or on holiday with your TV on, your coffee machine spewing out coffee or the toaster down. But whack it on standby and you're good to go, right? Sure, standby solves some problems like not flooding your kitchen with coffee or setting fire to your house, but that's about it.

Standby, also known as an electricity vampire, uses up to 90% of their normal power but gives nothing in return. Every year, appliances left on standby wastes £740 million and produce 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

When we switch a TV off standby, it fires up almost instantly. This is because it was never really off and always had power running through it. Turning your TV at the plug means that it may take slightly longer to turn on, as it needs a brief warm-up period. This is the same for many other appliances that we leave in a constant half-on mode.

Having a little more patience is a very small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. Simply turning appliances and chargers off at the source can massively lower your carbon footprint and extend the life of our Earth.

Understandably, in a world that uses a lot of electricity in day-to-day life, there are a lot of things to remember to turn off. There are now gadgets that you can invest in, like Bye Bye Standby which cuts the power from plugs when items aren't in use. You can turn the power supply to the plugs using a remote control to easily switch everything off at the touch of a button.

So, remember to switch everything off at the socket when not in use. This includes phone chargers, desktops, microwaves, TVs and more. Check out a more extensive list here.

Come back tomorrow for reducing fuel consumption.

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