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2nd Govember 2019

We are so lucky to be able to walk into the supermarket and be surrounded by fresh fruit, veg, bread, meats and dairy products. The only downside to this food is that it doesn’t stay fresh forever. Once food ages beyond its best before end, supermarkets can no longer sell it to us. That means bye-bye shelf and hello landfill!

Each year, the UK wastes over 7.3 million tonnes of food, over half of which is still edible. Supermarkets account for an eye-watering £230,000,000 of this wastage. When food is wasted in this way, we are not only wasting the product itself but everything that has gone into producing it; land, time, labour, resources, transport, packaging and much more.

When the food reaches landfill, it emits greenhouse gases (methane) as it breaks down, not to mention the space it occupies. Luckily, there is a way to be food’s knight in shining armour, saving it from the evil grips of landfill.

Food that is nearing its best before end will be marked down in price as supermarkets try to get rid of it. The food will be slightly below their usual quality standards, so can’t be sold at full price, however, it is still completely edible. Consider these items as being on death row, by buying them you are saving them from their rubbish fate.

Of course, buying these items would be completely useless if you never end up using them yourself. When shopping in the reduced section, you need to be flexible with your meals. For example, if you’ve planned on cooking a lasagne, but there is turkey mince going cheap then you may want to consider swapping out the beef for turkey. You could even set yourself a challenge to make a whole meal only using reduced items.

Another way to prevent wastage after buying reduced foods is to freeze them or make a meal with it first and then freeze it. This is great for preserving the life span of the food so that they aren’t a ticking time bomb. Find more tips on preserving food here.

We’d love to see what bargains you manage to pick up. Tag us in a social post or email us with your pictures.

Come back tomorrow for tips on reducing plastic usage.

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