Fresh Pizza in Under a Minute? Yes Please.

Sometimes only a hot, cheesy pizza will do. We've all had those intense pizza cravings, perhaps daily, and what better way to relieve your craving than the satisfaction of making your own?

Whether you spend hours putting love into a homemade dough or settle for a simple ready-made option, the longest part of pizza making is the cooking time. You're no longer pre-occupied by making the perfect circle or sprinkling truck-loads of toppings on. This is just the waiting game, a.k.a. hagony (hungry agony).

Luckily, the world of STEM is always here to give us solutions to our impatience... introducing the record-breaking pizza cooking time. Heating technology experts have managed to develop a pizza oven which cooks a pizza in just 37 seconds. That's right, you'll only just have the chance to wash your hands before you hear the glorious oven timer ring.

The oven is heated up using infrared radiation and is designed to pack a huge amount of power into a small space. It uses 8 'porcupine elements', made from iron-chromium-aluminium AF alloy, each reaching 900°C! These elements have been used to reach much higher temperatures, however, designers had to find the optimum temperature so that quality wasn't compromised.

The perfect pizza finish also ensured by reflectors which make sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven, giving a delicious crust every time. Who said good things come to those who wait?!

What pizza would you make with this oven? Ours would be BBQ base, chicken, sweetcorn and mushrooms! Let us know yours on social media (@wonkscience).

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