Get Your Milk Delivered

15th Govember 2019

From cups of tea to cereal to hot chocolate, most of us will drink milk on a daily basis. Over 80% of milk is sold in plastic containers, with only 11% being sold in glass bottles. Although glass is pricier to manufacture, it can be easily cleaned and reused.

A milkman used to be a very common thing to see, however nowadays it's very rare. With the increasing concern for the future of our planet, milkmen are slowly coming back into fashion. What's even better is that the 'milk floats' they travel around in are electric, saving millions of litres of petrol per year.

Milkmen work on a 'rinse and return' basis. Once you've finished with a bottle, you simply rinse it out with water and leave it on your doorstep for the milkman to collect. The bottles are taken away to be sterilised, refilled and redelivered.

Milk & More, a milk delivery service, don't just deliver milk, you can also have staple food items like bread, eggs, cheese, cereal and milk alternatives delivered to your doorstep. You can order the night before and have your goods delivered in time for breakfast the next day... for free!

Another great reason for getting a milkman is to increase social contact. We're now living in a world where everything is done online and we become a bit disconnected from other people. Having a milkman gives you some human interaction and brings you that little bit closer to the source of your food and drink.

Come back tomorrow when we explore reusable cotton pads.

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