5 Tech Hacks You Might Just Need In Your Life Right Now

Keep losing your focus when studying at home? Anxious to give your presentation in front of the whole class? Trying to get your first job and want to nail your resume and cover letter? Don’t worry- here are 5 easy Windows tech tips, you never knew about, that are going to change your life!

1. Nail Your Presentations

PowerPoint is a staple tool for students - yet how many hours do we slave over a PowerPoint presentation but forget to actually test out the delivery of the preso or, we avoid it completely, not wanting to practise in front of family and friends.

Windows has just introduced Presenter Coach which utilises AI technology to record your private rehearsal of a presentation, then gives you real-time feedback including useful things like; how original you are (are you just reading words on a slide?), whether you are using inclusive speech (it will highlight any sensitive phrases you may wish to change), the pace of delivery, whether you are using filler language (um, ah etc.) and pitch (are you monotone?).

Presenter Coach means you can nail your presentation before you’ve even given it and when you stand up in front of your lecture buddies you can be confident your presenting style is top-notch.

2. Procrastination Buster

People who don't procrastinate have got it easy. Can you imagine being sent a meme from a friend and not spending the next 2 hours scrolling through videos? Us procrastinators will take any excuse to take focus away from work and after working for 5 minutes, rewarding ourselves with an hours break.

Focus Assist allows you to concentrate when studying without getting distracted by notifications. It gives you the chance to set your own rules by selecting the ‘only notifications you want to see’ option. You can also customise your priority list or set times during the day that you don’t want to be disturbed, then you’ll only be notified by pre-selected priority items. For procrastinators, this is an absolute gamechanger.

3. Manage Student Life Like a Boss

We all know that life as a student can get overwhelming. Not only are you learning new information daily, revising for exams and completing coursework, you're also trying to balance your social life and get your future in check. But don't worry, there are always ways to get control of your life back when you lose grip.

There are thousands of free and premium templates available for you to use across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, when learning from home and when you’re back in the real world. There’s a huge variety of Home Learning templates including alphabet flashcards, a reading log in Word, or multiplication tables in Excel. If you are on the hunt for your first job, there’s also a wide range of Presentation templates as well as Resume and Cover Letter templates which can help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Emoji Up Your Life 😎

Sometimes words just don't cut it. What even is a life where you can't respond to your friend's meme with the universal sign of appreciation, a.ka. '😂'. By pressing “Windows” and “Semicolon” buttons on your keyboard, you can open up the hidden world of emojis and have a full array of emotions and fruits at your fingertips.

5. Keep a Handle On Your To-Dos

For most, our homes are now a hub for much more than they used to be. They’ve become our classroom, cafe, gym, and living area. Our realities and locations may have shifted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain organised.

With Microsoft To-Do, you can make a task list to check-off before you grab time on your Xbox. You can share study and workout routines with friends. Whatever you need to accomplish, Microsoft To-Do has got you covered.

Which hack do you think you'll be using the most?

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