Make The Most of Your Summer: FREE Virtual Summer Camp with Microsoft Store

Are you looking for an exciting, productive way to fill your summer holidays? The Microsoft Store associates have just launched a free Virtual Summer Camp, which will help you to plan and implement change in your community. The idea for the camp followed research which revealed that almost three-quarters of Gen-Zs across seven countries, including the UK, say that being socially engaged is crucial to their identity.

This is your chance to be part of a group of like-minded young people, learning through interactive, virtual workshops covering six topic areas. One workshop series will be focused on Bettering Your Community and will help you to uncover the causes you are passionate about in your community and show you how technology can be used to turn ideas into a clear and meaningful action plan to drive change.

The community-focused workshop is one of six workshop themes within the Virtual Summer Camps which you can access for free. There will also be a free workshop series on coding which will help you discover solutions for world problems through technology. This will help you to understand the essentials of coding and computational thinking while showing you how technology can be used creatively, collaboratively and for problem-solving. You'll even be given some challenges to complete!

Other Virtual Summer Camp workshop themes include: Around the World, where you'll partake in memorable and adventurous virtual travel sessions powered by Microsoft technology; from a virtual road trip across Europe to discovering wildlife on a virtual African Safari. The Gaming workshop will be great for all of you aspiring gamers out there; with challenges to help you design your own video game.

Creativity focused workshops will teach you to DJ, edit digital photos and make stop motion animations, whilst Week at the Museum workshops will give you a front-row seat to some of the most intriguing museums across the UK and the world – all from your living room!

With all of the different workshop themes, there is sure to be something that you'll absolutely love. You never know, you might even discover a new passion! Sahar Erfani, Community Development Specialist at Microsoft said: “This summer is looking a little different...but that doesn’t mean the inspiration, up-skilling and fun needs to end."

The Virtual Summer Camps programme will run from 6 July to 30 August and is freely available for young people ranging from 8 to 15 years old. To find out more about the Virtual Summer Camp and to sign up for the free workshops head to the website here.

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