Drink Loose Leaf Tea

13th Govember 2019

As Brits, the daily cuppa is a must. There is no sweeter taste than the first sip of a hot tea in the morning, at elevensies, after lunch... ok, just any time of day. But, it's true what they say... those closest to you are the most likely to betray you.

Yes, that's right, you're angelic tea bags have a devilish side. Every time you make a tea, you let the tea bag brew for a couple of minutes and then toss it out. Contrary to popular belief, most brands of tea bag aren't actually biodegradable, due to the plastic used to seal the bag. So, when tea bags are thrown on the compost, the ground is being littered with plastic.

Not only does this plastic pollute our environment, but we're also ingesting it. Not only this, but a lot of tea bags are treated with chlorine to make then white so they look 'cleaner'. This bleach can bioaccumulate in our bodies, posing health risks.

While plastic-free tea bags are available to buy, the drawbacks to tea bags don't just end at the environmental and health concerns. The production of loose tea is a messy process and leaves a lot of dust and fannings. These low-quality 'crumbs' are used to fill many of the tea bags that you buy at the supermarket. Dust and fannings are tiny, so they brew quickly and create a strong colour, but compromise on quality.

Loose leaf tea takes slightly longer to brew... but as we all know, good things come to those who wait! The usual tea you buy will be standardised for a consistent (but basic) flavour. Loose leaf tea has more dimension to the flavour and, unlike tea bags, won't include any stem which gives a bitter after taste.

Our favourite place to buy loose leaf tea and strainers is Whittard! They have a huge variety of tea flavours, ranging from the standard breakfast tea to orange gingerbread. PS. Their hot chocolate is pretty incredible too...

Come back tomorrow for shopping at charity shops.

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