Invest in a Razor

28th Govember 2019

Every year, the world throws away around 2 billion disposable razors. Let's be honest, the majority of this razor waste will be from summertime (because we all need that winter leg fuzz), but that figure is still not at all ok.

It's recommended that disposable razors should only be used around 6-9 times before they become blunt and ineffective. But it's not actually the blades that we should be worried about, as these become non-toxic rust and crumble away into nothing. The plastic is then left behind for a very, very long time (try forever).

By switching to a safety blade, you can keep the handle for years and years and only need to replace the blades. This is SO much better for the environment and reduces our excessive plastic usage. So, next time you need to replace your razor, consider investing in a safety blade.

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