How Clean is Your Face?

21st January 2020

If you're settling down for a post-bath, pyjamas-on pamper night, cleansing your face is super relaxing. Any other time, it's a chore. It's never as glamorous as films make it look and you end up with water running down your chin and straight onto those pyjamas you just put on. Give me strength.

Even if you do manage to incorporate a quick cleanse into your daily routine, it's usually a half-hearted wash and splash of water that barely touches the surface. Luckily, beauty innovations are here to save us lazy girls and give us a spa-worthy facial from the comfort of our own home (and in just 60 seconds!).

The Foreo Luna 3 is one of the most gentle and effective cleansing brushes on the market. It has no harsh bristles, so won't leave your skin red and sore. The whole device is made from silicone, which makes it soft and gentle to use, but also has antibacterial properties to prevent the build-up of bacteria (keep reading to see us put this claim to the test).

This smart cleansing brush connects to the Foreo app and allows you to set up your cleansing time and intensity, based on your own needs. The brush then pulsates as you cleanse your face and pauses to signal when it's time to move on to the next part of your face. The facial massage it gives you is so therapeutic that a minute flies by and makes you want to cleanse over and over again.

There are also settings that allow you to follow a routine to tone and sculpt different areas of your face. To use this feature you simply flip the brush to its ridged side and glide a facial serum over your face while following to routine. This leaves your face feeling invigorated and tightened.

After using the brush for 3 months, I have noticed a significant improvement to my skin texture and pore size. Previously, although I hadn't struggled with spots, I had an uneven skin tone and blocked pores on my nose and chin. Since the Foreo Luna 3 came into my life, I have had a much smoother skin tone and cleared pores. I have also noticed my face looking brighter and more toned, which is a great self-esteem boost.

What's even better is that the Foreo Luna 3 battery lasts for over 100 uses, so you hardly ever have to think about recharging it. In a world where everything needs charging up, it's very refreshing to have a device that doesn't need a charging cable taking everywhere with it!

Now to test the antibacterial properties!

We used the Foreo Luna 3 and an unbranded cleansing brush for a week. We then took samples from these brushes and grew them on nutrient agar in an incubator.

Our results showed that while the Foreo did grow some bacteria, the unbranded cleansing brush colonised much more densely. This shows that the bacteria present on the Foreo was just transferred directly from the face onto the brush and didn't provide an environment suitable for bacterial growth. The unbranded brush, however, was made of a porous material and allowed for bacterial to live and grow.

If you're ready to upgrade your daily skincare routine, investing in a Foreo would be a great shout. Why not scribble it down on your birthday wish list?

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