Stop Using Glitter

26th Govember 2019

Sometimes a bit of glitter adds a little bit of pizazz to an outfit, makeup look or artwork. That extra sparkle just helps it pop and takes it to a new level. But all that glitters is not gold- the aesthetics are all that glitter is good for.

Glitter is made from tiny fragments of plastic, which is essentially the beginnings of a microplastic (that all plastics eventually break down into). These fragments can be eaten by wildlife, which then collects in their digestive systems and causing them to starve.

We are so used to glitter being in our lives, that it's understandable when we don't think about its life beyond our own personal use. By nature, we are very selfish creatures, so it's difficult for us to consider the longer-term impacts of our lifestyle. However, as our damaged environment becomes a bigger issue in society, it's important that we recognise where we have gone wrong and undo these mistakes.

When glitter was first made, we didn't fully understand its damaging effects. But now that ignorance is no longer an excuse, we need to consciously decide not to buy products containing glitter to help invest in the future of our planet.

If you're one of those girls who need a little bit of sparkle in their life, opt for a biodegradable glitter. These glitter alternatives don't contain any plastic but instead are made from a plant-based film, cellulose. These can be easily broken by living organisms, leaving no trace that it ever even existed- amazing!

Come back tomorrow for bamboo toothbrushes!

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