Eat Locally

11th Govember 2019

As our population increases, we’re getting further and further away from the source of our food. We’re all guilty of popping into Tesco or Aldi to pick up some fruit, veg or eggs for dinner, but we really should all be making the extra effort to start shopping locally. Eating locally sourced foods has so many benefits!

By making this small lifestyle change, you’ll be supporting local farmers and helping to boost the local economy. You’ll also be helping to reduce greenhouse gases, due to the smaller distance travelled to get the produce into our hands. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get some personal bonuses.

Fresher food

Food that is locally sourced is fresher, so it contains more nutrients and tastes much better. Because fruit doesn’t die once it’s harvested, it carries on breathing, or respiring. This breaks down organic material like carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which leads to loss of nutrients and flavour. It also loses heat and moisture as a by-product, which takes away even more nutrients. Due to this, it’s better to eat the produce as quickly as possible after harvesting.

Enzymic activity also causes a loss of nutrients and colour, as well as changing the flavour. This can be seen in action when an apple turns brown after cutting it.

Eat organic

You could also look out for organic foods at a farmer’s market. These foods don’t have any antibiotics, hormones or fertilizer, so you can rest assured that you aren’t eating any nasty chemicals.

It’s also always best to go for free-range eggs, as the hens are happier and healthier, which is reflected in their eggs. Free-range eggs tend to have rich, yellow yolks that are packed with nutrients and taste very fresh!

Next time you go to pick up some strawberries, grapes or tomatoes in the supermarket, just consider holding off and popping to a farm shop after your main shop to grab your fresh, local foods. One small change goes a long way!

Come back tomorrow for ditching liquid soap!

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