Dress Like Nini Salazar-Roberts on a Budget

Disney + has done a lot of things to us, including bringing back our love for HSM. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series brings back all kinds of nostalgia (check out the latest issue for more on this) while being fresh and exciting.

The female lead, Nini, has some seriously enviable pipes as well as a super cute style. The outfits she wore on the show are so wearable on an everyday basis, leaving us with some real wardrobe envy. Here is how you can recreate some of her iconic looks, on a budget!

Outfit 1

This outfit shouts effortless biker chic. The jacket and boots make the ensemble a little edgier, while the jumper and jeans tones it right back.

Outfit 2

Another thing that makes Nini's style so great is that she dresses up similar pieces in a different way to get multiple wears out of items. You can wear the jeans and boots from outfit 1 for this cute, girly alternative.

Single Items

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