Fix Your Damaged Clothes

4th Govember 2019

We’re all guilty of buying a skirt from Primark and not really caring if it only lasts you a season because it was so darn cheap. Really, what we should be doing when we make a new purchase is to see it as an investment. We should love every piece of clothing so much that we want to keep it forever and do anything to save it from the bin.

Every year, we throw away 10,000,000 tonnes of textiles which has dramatically increased in recent years. This is because of our fast-fashion culture, where we can buy disposable clothes at a lower price. Of course, we can’t really help when our clothes get damaged, but we can decide their fate.

Learning how to sew is a great way to extend the lifespan of your clothing. Small holes and missing buttons are so easy to fix when you know how. Check out some basic repair stitches here. Bigger holes you could patch up with some different material (dependent on your style) or you could even use the material to remake it into something else, for example, a pair of shorts, or bag.

If you find yourself getting bored of a piece of clothing or going off the style, you could add some extras to reinvent the whole piece. Some options are to change the buttons, cut off sleeves, add a belt or sew on some lace or fringing.

There are so many options to consider before throwing out a piece of clothing. You should definitely start to put some thought into ways you could fix or repurpose your clothes before even taking a step toward the bin. If you get really good, you could even offer to fix your friends and family’s old clothing too.

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