Use a Reuseable Coffee Cup

6th Govember 2019

A cheeky Costa or Starbucks during a busy day is sometimes the pick-me-up you need. Disposable coffee cups are so convenient when you don't have the time to sit in and need to have your drink on the go.

Unfortunately, you aren't the only person using these, as an enormous 2.5 billion cups are thrown away every year in the UK. If put end to end, these cups could loop around the Earth 5.5 times! With only 0.25% of these being recycled, the waste becomes a big problem.

Reusable coffee cups have become a huge trend recently to help battle this waste. You can get so many different colours and patterns to match your personal style. Many coffee shops also offer you a discount on your drink when you use your own cup, which is a great incentive!

One problem you may come across when trying to reduce your disposable coffee cup usage is have to lug your cup around with you all day. A simple way to combat this is to invest in a collapsible coffee cup, like Stojo. These make it so much easier to pop a cup in your bag, use it and then replace it, without taking up too much room.

It should be noted that simply buying a reusable coffee cup doesn't suddenly make you an eco queen. There are more greenhouse emissions released during the production of a reusable product compared to a disposable one, as they need to be more durable. This means that to offset the extra carbon emissions, you need to get at least 50 uses out of your cup, which should be easy if you buy from a reputable brand!

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