Buy Reusable Cotton Pads

16th Govember 2019

With so much emphasis recently being put on cutting down on single-use plastics, other materials can easily be overlooked. For example, cotton farming is a huge environmental burden, especially non-organic. The chemicals used in crop growth pollutes rivers and damage wildlife and ecosystems. Not only this, but cotton is an extremely thirsty crop and uses a lot of water in its growth.

As well as being used in clothes, cotton is also used cosmetically in cotton pads or rounds. While these are better for the environment than face wipes, they still increase the demand for cotton production.

A great way to help reduce the environmental impact of cotton pads is to switch to a brand that uses organic cotton, like The Body Shop. An even better alternative is reusable cotton pads. These pads can be used in the same way as regular pads but when you're done with them, instead of throwing them away, you simply zip them in their wash bag and chuck them in with the rest of your laundry. Once dried, they're clean and ready to be used again.

This swap is so simple but reduces waste massively. Another bonus is that these pads tend to be bigger than regular pads and much softer on the skin. They're also slightly thicker so can be used on each side. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now, from Amazon, Wearth or Etsy.

Come back tomorrow for non-toxic nail polish.

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