Try Beeswax Wraps

24th Govember 2019

Cling film is, well, clingy. It clings to itself and other smooth surfaces, allowing you to wrap things up without the need for fasteners. While it may be handy, most cling film is made from PVC, which is bad for human health and the environment!

There has been a concern, for some time now, about the effects of the chemicals in plastic on human health. This is especially a concern when this plastic comes into contact with our food and drink, i.e. cling film or water bottles. The risk of chemicals getting into our food and drink is increased when it is heated up. In high concentrations, the chemicals can cause health problems relating to cancer, fertility and foetal development. For this reason, it is suggested that cling film should never be allowed to touch food when being microwaved.

After just one use, we throw cling film in the bin, as it's not designed to be used more than once. It will then start its journey to leaking chemicals into the land and ocean. Luckily, there have been reusable alternatives invented. The most clever and practical of all of these are beeswax wraps.

Beeswax wraps are usually made from organic cotton and coated in jojoba oil, tree resin and beeswax. They have properties very similar to cling film, so can be used in the same way, but instead of throwing them away after use, they are simply washed in cold water and soap, dried and reused. You can generally use them for about a year before the beeswax starts to wear away.

You can find so many lovely options on Etsy! Get yours now!

Come back tomorrow for ditching chewing gum!

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