Use Bars of Soap

12th Govember 2019

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Bars of soap used to be a lot more common than they are now. Due to its plastic packaging, liquid soap quickly took over as it seemed to be a mess-free alternative. Taking into account what we now know about plastic and its damage to the environment, making the switch back to bars of soap is a hugely important one.

Scientists have been experimenting to discover all of the environmental benefits of using bars of soap over liquid soap. To do this, they conducted a 'life cycle impact assessment' (LCIA), which takes into account manufacturing, transport/storage, use and disposal.

A major difference between bar soap and liquid soap was the amount used per hand wash. In one 30-second wash, an average of 0.35g of bar soap was used, compared to 2.3g of liquid soap. So, by using 6 times the amount of product, it already highlights the economic burden of liquid soap. Liquid soap would need more materials, more transport space, more storage space, and much more.

In the manufacturing process, liquid soap also has a carbon footprint 10 times larger than a bar of soap. This is due to the chemicals used in liquid soap, as well as the plastic packaging it's stored in. This plastic packaging also becomes a problem when transporting and storing. Bars of soap are almost like bricks and can be stacked up flush against each other. The shape of plastic bottles means that they are awkward to stack, so they will occupy more space.

The disposal also plays in bar soap's favour as there is little to no packaging on a bar of soap when compared to liquid soap. This means that there is much less material to dispose of after use. If you buy your soap from LUSH, the only packaging is a paper bag, which is negligible.

The only aspect of testing that liquid soap came out above bar soap was water use. The average hand-washer uses 30% more water when washing with a bar of soap compared to liquid soap. Luckily, this one saving grace for liquid soap isn't at all enough to drag itself back into the race.

So, if you aren't already convinced to switch to bars of soap, then take a trip to LUSH to have a look at their glorious collection. The smell of the store is unreal and there are so many different beautiful soaps to choose from. Our favourite at the moment is 'Snow Fairy', which is from their Christmas range, so make sure you grab it while you can!

Snow Fairy Soap (LUSH)

Another awesome product range, which you should definitely check out, is the Naked Shower Gels. These come as a bottle-shaped solid shower gel. They look like a bottle of shower gel, they feel like a bottle of shower gel... but they're nude! We love a bit of plastic nudity. Incorporating eco-friendly beauty products into your routine has never been easier (or better smelling) with LUSH.


Let us know if you ditch the plastic in your toilet and bathroom. We'd love to know what your favourite bars of soap are!

Come back tomorrow, when we spill the tea on tea bags!

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