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Freshly Baked Science

Day 13 Paralell Universe.jpg

Could Parallel Universes Exist?

13th December 2018

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms has recently reached cinemas and we are in love with it! Check out Striking Reviews thoughts on the film here. In the film, a young girl, Clara, finds herself in a parallel universe, which got us thinking… could parallel universes actually exist?

Whether you think it’s fact or fiction, the concept of a parallel universe is that there are universes other than our own, which have alternative realities.

When people refer to the ‘universe’, they are simply referring to everything we can see and have discovered, i.e. the part of the universe that we can observe. The theory of other universes existing is called ‘multiverse’ and there are 3 different ways that physicists can imagine them existing.

1! Bubble Universes

The basic idea of this theory is that there are some things that are just so far away that we will never be able to see them, or inside black holes. The idea arose from the fact that our universe is so good at producing life. If there were other ‘bubble universes’ that existed, with slightly different laws of physics, we would logically only be able to exist in the universe which had the perfect conditions for us.

2! Membranes and Extra-Dimensions

String theorists have come to the conclusion that our perceivable universe could simply be a 3-dimensional surface, which exists within an even bigger ‘super-universe’ with 9 dimensions! If space were to have 9 dimensions, rather than just 3, there would definitely be much more space for the existence of other universes. Each 3-dimensional surface existing within a 9-dimensional universe are referred to as membranes.

3! Many Worlds

This is the proposal that every possible outcome from a decision is real and happens in universes that continue to branch out as more decisions are made. If this is true, we would not realise that it was happening, as we would remain within the world where we live out just one of the many possible outcomes.


Research into the possibility of alternate universes is still on-going and may never be answered, but the fact is that there have been many hypotheses into the possibility of parallel universes existing. The logic of these have been backed by science but have yet to be physically proven. It’s absolutely mind-blowing stuff to start thinking about though.


Imagine a universe where you decided to make friends with different people, or even crazier, a universe where your parents decided not to have children! There have been infinite decisions made in life, which has bought you up to this very point and led you to read this article. Enjoy the life that you’ve created for yourself and remember that you are in control of your future!

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