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Meet the Chief Editor

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Wonk! Chief Editor and Founder

Hannah Needham

Hannah has a passion for science communication that she mixes with her love of fashion, beauty and baking to inspire like-minded young women.

Meet the Scientists

Keighley Headshot.jpg

PhD Candidate at Bayer University

Keighley Reisenauer

Keighley is a researcher and aspiring science communicator, who tap dances in her spare time... you go girl. 

Jorge Headshot.jpg

Researcher at the Center for Economics and Social Policy

Jorge Rosales-Salas

Jorge is a researcher at Universidad Mayor. He loves studying time and also likes to dance to hip-hop in his spare time!

Heidi Headshot.jpg

PhD Candidate at the University of Utah

Heidi Yi Febinger

Heidi is a PhD candidate, researching Parkinson's Disease. She is also the host of a podcast called 'Cinema Science'.

Heidi Headshot.jpg

Research Fellow at the Lyell Centre, Edinburgh

Heidi Burdett

Heidi is a marine scientist, researching red coralline algae. She loves the freedom of research (and macaroni cheese)!

Magdalena Headshot.jpg

PhD in Science Education at University of Western Australia

Magdalena Kersting

Magdalena is working on exciting museum exhibits about modern physics! She loves to stretch peoples minds.

Melissa Headshot.jpg

Founder of The Fins United Initiative and Marine Biologist

Melissa C. Márquez

Melissa founded The Fins United Initiative and studies shark habitat use. She is also a runner!

Lilian Headshot.png

Cancer Research Extended Intern at Centre for Cancer Prevention

Lilian Goodchild

Lilian is a cancer researcher, who loves working with people who share her passion. She also loves photography!

Meghan Headshot.jpg

Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan

Meghan Breen

Meghan is a post-doctoral fellow working in Chemical Biology and loves learning new things daily in her work!

George Headshot.jpg

Cyberpsychology MSc Student at the University of Wolverhampton

George Farmer

George is a Cyberpsychology MSc student and is researching the psychological benefits of video games!

Helen Headshot.png

Post-Doc Researcher at Queen Mary University of London

Helen Bear

Helen (a.k.a Yogi) is a researcher at QMUL. She is passionate about computer science and gingerbread!

Patrick Headshot.jpg

External Relations at the National Weather Center

Patrick Hyland

Patrick works at the National Weather Center and has taken part in NASA funded research!

Jayde Headshot.jpg

Biomedical Sciences Student at Oakwood University

Jayde Frederick

Jayde is studying Biomedical Sciences and would love to be Zendaya for 24 hours!

Sophie Headshot.jpg

3rd Year PhD Student at Quadram Institute Bioscience

Sophie Prosolek

Sophie is in the 3rd year of her Molecular Biology PhD! She also sings and eats sushi...

Cancer Sciences Student at the University of Birmingham

Megan Butler

Megan is a master's student who loves musicals and learning the dance moves by heart!

Volunteer Content Developer at European Wilderness Society

Rebecca Hollely

Rebecca is a conservation volunteer in Austria. She also loves  peanut butter and exploring!

Neuroscience Technician at Aston University

Danny Burrell

Danny works with students studying at university, but also has a passion for fashion in his spare time!

After School Teacher at FizzPop Science

Kim Marsh

Kim teaches children science after school, but is also doing a Master's degree at the same time!

Forensic Biologist and Lecturer

Kate Unwin

Kate is a crime fighter, working on criminal cases to help find out what happened at a scene! 

Parshati Headshot.jpg

Educator and Public Outreach at CPSX, Western University

Parshati Patel

Parshati is a space scientist, who loves sharing her passions with others. She also used to be a roller speed skater!

Shweta Headshor.png

MSc Microbiologist at the University of Pune

Shweta Mahajan

Shweta is a microbiology MSc with a passion for science communication. She also does glass painting & mud sculpting.

Mason Headshor.jpg

Neuroscience PhD Researcher at Cardiff University

Mason Wells

Mason has been hooked on neuroscience since holding a brain! He also would love to be 'The Rock'

Francesca Headsho.jpg

Researcher and Outreach Officer at MPI 

Francesca Arici

Francesca is a mathematician and science communicator and loves being able to use her acting skills in her work.

Brittney Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

PhD Candidate at McMaster University

Brittney Borowiec

Brittney is a fish biologist and never goes anywhere without her rubber boots! She's also a Guitar Hero master!

Caitlin Headshot.jpg

Pluto Manager at AR Space Center

Caitlin Ahrens

Caitlin works at Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences and gets to write NASA proposals!

Tessa Headshot.jpg

Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University

Tessa Montague

Tessa is a postdoc, researching how cuttlefish camouflage. She also used to want to be a CIA agent!

Emma Headshot.jpg

Research Fellow at Cardiff University

Emma Yhnell

Emma is a biomedical scientist with double jointed elbows and a lot of love for Italian foods!

Chris Headshot.jpg

David Burpee Professor of Plant Genetics at Bucknell University

Chris Martine

Chris is a botanist and loves discovering new plant species. He was also in an alt-rock band!

Raminta Headshot.jpg

Environmental and Evolutionary Biology PhD Student 

Raminta K

Raminta is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. She works on a great project called SalmoSim!

Lewis Headshot.jpg

Lecturer and PhD Student at the University of Northampton

Lewis Waterfield

Lewis is a Biosciences lecturer and microbiology PhD student. He loves teaching but hates paperwork!

Lauriane Headshot.jpg

4th Year PhD Candidate in Neuroscience

Lauriane NK

Lauriane is in the 4th year of her Neuroscience PhD! She nearly gave up on science but powered on!

Lauren Headshot.jpg

Medicinal and Computational Chemistry PhD 

Lauren Nelson

Lauren is in the 2nd year of her PhD and tells us more about her degrees and her love of sketching!

Animal Biology BSc Student at the University of Worcester

Meera Solanki

Meera studies Animal Biology and would love to be David Attenborough for a day!

Trainee Biomedical Scientist at Northampton General Hospital

Eloise White

Eloise is on placement, learning more about Biomedical Science. She also loves salmon and is double jointed!

Forensic R&D Scientist at West Technology Forensics

Eleigh Brewer

Eleigh researches new fingerprint development techniques, after watching too much CSI!

Executive Director at ICCBBA

Paul Ashford

Paul works in Healthcare Informatics, specifically transfusions and transplantation. He also gets to travel the world! 

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