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Freshly Baked Science

How To: Avoid Itchy Jumpers 

18th December 2018

There is no greater snaky act than a jumper, you thought was the one, making you itch like crazy after you’ve already taken the label out. No matter how many long sleeved t-shirts you put underneath an itchy jumper, there will always be one part of it which comes into contact with your body and makes you want to claw your own skin off. We know you know the feeling!


Luckily for you, we’ve done our research on what actually makes a jumper itchy and torturous, rather than fluffy and cosy! Here’s what we found;


The main factor which affects the itchiness of a jumper is the quality of wool. There are so many different species of sheep which produce different types of wool, much like in humans. The itchy factor is determined by the coarseness of the wool. Imagine this as wearing a jumper made from thick, curly hair compared to a jumper made from fine, straight hair. You’d find that the jumper made from the finer hair would be much less itchy. The sheep wool with the finest structure is Merino wool, so jumpers made from this wool are by far the softest and will be itch free! 


Another factor along similar lines is choosing wool over synthetic materials. Wool has incredible properties for keeping you insulated and regulating your temperature, which synthetic materials don’t possess. These properties make the jumper much more comfortable to wear and keep you warm, without making you feel too hot, bothered and itchy. A lot of people opt for synthetic materials over wool because they’re cheaper to buy. But if you are watching your spending, wool blends are a much better alternative as you can keep some of their advantageous properties without paying full price. It’s recommended to not go below 30% wool to enjoy the benefits.


It’s not just the material the jumper is made from which affects the itchiness. The fit is just as important in getting yourself a non-itchy jumper. You want to look for a densely knitted jumper that prevents the wind coming through and making you cold. The dense knitting also prevents the jumper stretching out! The fit of the jumper should allow it to move with your body to prevent any unnecessary friction between your skin and the jumper which can make it feel even itchier.


Finally, make sure you wash your existing jumpers using the care label instructions to ensure you keep them in the best shape possible. Remember jumpers can’t get itchier if anything they get less itchy with each wash.

The only real fool-proof way of deciding if a jumper will be too itchy for you is to take more time in choosing one. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit longer in a changing room trying the jumper on and moving around in it! If you don’t have time to try it out, then we’d recommend rubbing the material against the inside of your elbow and getting a feel for how scratchy the material is.

Make sure you share this with your friends and family to save them from the hell that is being forced to wear an itchy jumper for a full day!

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