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Not-So-Scary Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

27th October 2018

There are so many different Halloween costumes around nowadays and with people getting extremely talented at SFX makeup, the super scary costumes are on the rise! But that isn't the only option... many people opt for general fancy dress, rather than the classic spooky Halloween costume!

Every year, DisneyWorld host a 'Not-So-Scary Halloween Party', where the dress code is strictly Disney and strictly not scary! This year, we have taken inspiration from this to put together some Disney and Disney Pixar themed fancy dress.


These ideas are ideal for last-minute costumes or if you're simply lazy, as they are very simplistic and easy to put together! We have also picked clothes that are mostly available from clothes shops, so they can be easily worn again for your everyday attire... savvy!

1! Ariel

Ariel's look is fairly simple and extremely iconic; her bright red hair, purple shell bra and green tail.


A flowy green maxi skirt is the perfect compromise for the tail, as wearing an actual tail could prove problematic for doing.. well... anything! The one we have found is available from Boohoo for £10

You could buy some large shells, paint them purple and fashion them into a DIY bra for Ariel's top half, but when there are options like this available for so cheap, it may not be worth the hassle! This purple bralet is also from Boohoo for £12!

The hair isn't a necessary addition to the costume, but it does make it a whole lot more authentic! This bright red wig from Amazon (£12.99) is the perfect Ariel hair if you are wanting to go all the way!

If you would like to, you could also accessorise with some sealife-themed jewellery, like seashells and fish! You could also wear any shoes that you already own, as the skirt is so long, although sandals may be the best choice!

2! Mickey

Mickey Mouse is quite an easy character to dress as! As long as you have some ears, like the ones from Party Delights (£2.99), everyone will know who you are. If you want to take it one step further, you can put together some basic pieces from almost any shop to complete the look!

A black long sleeved top gives the appearance of Mickey's skin, especially when your hands are covered with white gloves, like these ones from Boots (£2.49). The black top shown here is from Topshop, for £12, but you can get a basic black top like this from almost any clothes shop!

Mickey's red shorts are a great addition to the outfit and these ones from Pretty Little Thing (£12) have a drawstring waist, so we recommend going up a size or two and drawing them in at the waist to create Mickey's balloon shaped torso! Pair these with a basic pair of black tights to resemble Mickey's skin.

You can't go anywhere without a pair of shoes! While you could just opt for a pair of shoes you already own to cut the price down, we recommend getting a pair of bright yellow shows like Mickey's! These shoes from Office are on sale for just £15!

3! Boo

Is there any character more adorable than Boo?! Thankfully, her outfit is crazily comfortable and really easy to recreate!

The top that Boo wears is long and oversized, so we've chosen the perfect match in the mens section. This top from Topman (£12) is great for creating the oversized look!

Boo's lilac leggings are so cute and we've found a great option in Boohoo for £14. These super skinny scuba trousers are really comfortable and can be worn again in other outfits!

If you're staying indoors, then white socks will be fine to finish the outfit off, but if needed, white trainers are a great alternative. These ones are from New Look for just £14.99! The hair ties are also optional, but they do round off the outfit nicely, the ones we've picked out from Etsy (£3.41) are perfect for Boo!

4! Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh doesn't seem like an ideal character to dress like... mostly because he only wears a crop top... not a good look! But you can easily recreate Pooh's skin colour with yellow clothing.

We've chosen some yellow frilled shorts (PLT- £8) and yellow tights (Amazon- £3.99) to create the yellow skin on the bottom half! 

For the top half, a simple red crop top is perfect and instantly turns you into Winnie the Pooh! A great cheap option is this one from Boohoo for just £6!


You can make your own Pooh ears with some yellow felt and a hair band. Then just throw on a pair of yellow shoes, like the ones in the Mickey costume idea and you're good to go!

5! Snow White

Snow White's look is timeless, as well as effortless. She's a great option for Halloween, but the costumes can be pricey and can't be re-worn in everyday life! We've put together a look that's cheap, but undeniably Snow White!

The blue top mimics Snow White's blue bodice and then paired with a white collar, which is a simple take on her stand-up collar. The blue top we've chosen is from Boohoo for £5 and we've opted for a cheap collar bib from Ebay (£2.99), rather than a full blouse, as it'll be hidden under the top anyway!

For the bottom half, a yellow skirt is the perfect option, like this one from Boohoo for £14. This one is the perfect length and amount of flow for Snow White, and is very affordable.

Finish it off with a red bow, like this one from Amazon for £2.80 and you're good to go!

If you try out any of these costumes, we'd love to see a picture! Please do show it to us by tagging us in a picture on social media (@wonkscience) or sending us an email at

Happy Halloween!