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10! Gift Ideas for Him

6th December 2018

It’s no secret that males are a difficult species to buy presents for. Dad, Uncle, Grandpa, Brother, Friend, Boyfriend or Teacher, they’ll have you stressing about what to get them for weeks until you finally settle on a Lynx gift set and a bar of chocolate! While this might be ok as a one-off, they may start to notice if they receive the exact same gift every year. Why not up your present game this year with our Male Gift Guide? We’ve partnered with Menkind to get you £5 off when you spend £40, with the code WONK5, so what are you waiting for?



Under £20


1! Bluetooth Shower Speaker £15.99


Do you know someone who can’t have a shower without listening to music or someone who turns a shower into their very own concert (after all the shower is the best place in the house to sing… find out more here)? This is the perfect gift for them. You can stick this on the wall of the shower, thanks to the suction cups and play music without the fear of water damage. The only negative point we can see with this gift is it may encourage them to spend longer in the bathroom, so maybe reserve this for someone you don’t live with. But then again, buying it for someone you live with means that you could also use it… the dilemma!



2! Adult Sized Space Hopper £12.99

adult space hopper.jpg

This one’s for the men in your life who have never quite grown up. Why should space hoppers be reserved for young children? With this stronger, larger space hopper, adults can live their childhood once again! It would also make for a super cool office chair (it’s great for core strength, as well as getting around the office efficiently). If you have two male relatives, you could get one for each of them and challenge them to a race on Christmas Day (we can’t be held responsible for any injuries).



3! Beard Baubles £5.99

Beard baubles.jpg

Most of the gifts in this article would also be suitable for females, with the exception of this one (unless you know the cast of The Greatest Showman). These beard baubles are a great way to decorate very unfestive facial hair. They’re cheap and cheerful and force your bearded male to get into the Christmas spirit!

4! Volcano Lamp £17.99

Volcano Lamp.jpg

Lava lamps are so last year! It’s all about the volcano lamp in 2018! These are perfect for a bedroom or an office and are absolutely mesmerising. It’s a very unique ornament and relaxes the mind, which is perfect for after the Christmas rush! This would be an especially good present for someone who loves Earth Science.

5! Yoda Welcome Mat £14.99

Welcome you are mat.jpg

Do you know a huge Star Wars fan? This ‘Welcome You Are’ mat is a hilarious option if they have their own house! Protect their house from the Dark Side by letting them wipe their feet before they step inside. It’s also a great compromise for if their partner doesn’t allow them to coat the house in Star Wars themed merchandise!

Under £50

6! Personalised Leather Bracelet £49.99

Leather bracelet.jpg

If you fancy spending a little bit more and getting something more serious, this bracelet is a great option. Make sure the person you’re buying for likes to wear jewellery first though! This is so simple and stylish, and with the option to get it engraved, it’s the perfect keepsake. Remember you don’t have to have a name engraved, it could be a special date or a word that means a lot to the two of you!

7! Playstation Icon Lights £24.99

Playstation Lights.jpg

Here’s the gift for that gamer you know, who always seems to have the new games and spends their evenings on the PlayStation. These look retro and are a great way to brighten up a games room! At just 30cm long, the light won’t take up too much space, but will definitely get all the right kind of attention! They also can be lit up in the standard icon colours, or be put on the colour changing mode depending on the mood.




8! Brewdog Beer Making Kit £39.99

Brew Dog Beer Making.jpg
Brew Dog Beer Making.jpg

OVER 18’S ONLY! The adult males in your life will love you forever for this gift, just be aware that if you’re under 18, you’ll have to have an adult with you to buy it. This is great for a homebrewing expert or even someone who has never brewed beer in their life but enjoys a pint from time to time! Don’t just settle for buying them a few bottles of beer, this gift has so much more thought put into it and may let them discover a new hobby.




9! 2 in 1 Globe Constellation £39.99

2 in 1 Globe.jpg

How cool is this globe? We kind of want one for ourselves! This globe is perfect for geography and astronomy lovers, with its 2 in 1 feature. It may look like a standard globe when it’s turned off, but when turned on and in the dark, this transforms into a glowing globe showing all the star constellations. With its chic silver stand and axis, this makes a classy addition to a bedroom, study or even living room! It’s also a great conversation starter…




10! Polaroid Play 3D Pen £29.99

3D Pen.jpg

If you know someone who loves to design and doodle, they NEED this in their lives! This pen allows you to draw in 3D… what?! You can create 3D structures using stencils or by using your own imagination and going free hand. Whatever they choose to do, the results are incredible! Imagine the crazy Pictionary games you could have with this… it will definitely spice up your Christmas game sesh!




We hope you’ve found something to suit those pesky men folk and that all thoughts of a Lynx deodorant have been cleared from your mind! If you loved these gift ideas and want to see what else is on offer, be sure to check out the MenKind website here and don’t forget to make use of the code WONK5! Happy shopping!