Meet the Scientist

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George Farmer

MSc Cyberpsychology Student at the University of Wolverhampton

"...Obama...seems like a really chill guy"

What scientific field do you work in?



Could you briefly explain what your job involves?


The psychology of how people use technology

Do you have any secret talents?


I can “shake” my eyeballs to look like they are vibrating.

When did you decide you wanted to work as a scientist?


I have always had an interest in contributing to our current knowledge of human behaviour, but technology is advancing so quickly that we need to understand how we use it, and in what ways it can affect us.

What's your favourite food?


Pepperoni pizza!

What educational pathway did you take to get to where you are now?


I studied at the University of East London, for a BSc in Psychology.

Do you have a favourite movie quote?

‘Do- or do not. There is no try.’

– Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

What was the best thing about your job?


I am constantly surrounded by wonderful people; both fellow students and lecturing staff, who are just as enthused about the subject as I am. Everyone is so nice!

" is advancing so quickly..."

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What was the worst thing about your job?


Academia can be stressful when you take on too much work all at once, it is very important to take short breaks to make sure you are both physically and mentally prepared to work the best you possibly can.

" is very important to take short breaks..."

If you could take one thing with you to an island, what would it be and why?


A boat to get off the island!

Have you taken part in any research?


My current dissertation project is focused on the psychological benefits of video gaming, which is exciting!

If you could be anyone in the world for 24 hours, who would you be?


Barrack Obama, he seems like a really chill guy.

Do you have any advice for young people who are interested in your career path?


Start reading articles that interest you, form your own opinions, and never let anyone tell you who you should be; only you can decide that.

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