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Forget Everything You Think You Know About Dieting!

2nd July 2018

Nowadays, there is no end of adverts, products and messages promoting thousands of different diets which all claim to be ‘The Miracle Diet’. Half of them require you to starve yourself, 25% require you to blend anything and everything, 20% will have you buying ridiculous pills (would not recommend), and the remaining 5% that seems almost reasonable are just so hard to stick to!


Contrary to popular opinion, it is actually healthier to listen to what your body wants, even if it is a bag of crisps or Dominoes every now and again! Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that it’s healthy to eat beige foods all day, everyday… but it does mean that you shouldn’t feel guilty about treating yourself!


We’ve made a checklist of 9 things to see if your diet is healthy. You may be surprised!


1! You aren’t switching between fad diets


There is so much research out there that says diets don’t work. For the most part, diets are restrictive and leave you constantly thinking about food and how hungry you are, which isn’t sustainable. This means that once you give in, you’re more likely to overindulge!


Apart from overindulgence, restrictive diets can also confuse your metabolism. If you aren’t eating much your metabolism will slow right down, because your body doesn’t know when your next meal is going to come so it will make every meal last! This means you’ll burn fewer calories doing activities throughout the day.


2! Your mood is consistent


Undereating leaves you constantly feeling hangry, and as Snickers kindly points out, ‘you aren’t you when you’re hungry!”. On the other hand, overeating can also cause spikes in your blood sugar which makes your mood go all over the place!


Your energy levels are reflected in your mood! If you’re eating well, you should have constant energy throughout the day, which will always boost your mood and make you feel energised!


3! You enjoy the food you eat


Food is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but in this society, it’s made out to be the devil! When you’re only eating something because it’s a healthier version but not enjoying it as much, it takes away the satisfying feeling of eating. Because you haven’t had that satisfaction, you’ll be craving it much more than if you’d just had a little bit of a treat!


4! You sleep well


Eating well gives your brain the right chemical environment to produce the neurotransmitters that keep us asleep. Eating regularly will also get your body into the proper 24hr rhythm which allows us to get a good quality sleep and to function properly the next day, leading us to make better food choices!


5! You have the energy to do the things you want to


Food is your body’s main energy source, so it’s no surprise that what you eat is directly related to your energy levels. When you aren’t restricting yourself you’ll have a constant supply of energy throughout the day and won’t start to feel lethargic until bedtime! This allows you to have much more fun during the day without your energy levels starting to drop!


6! You eat a variety of foods


Your diet needs to be varied and yes, that even means the delicious high calorie, high-fat foods! When it comes to a healthy diet there aren’t good and bad foods, they all come together as a whole to make up your diet. Being flexible with what you eat is so important and will also stop you longing for the foods you love!


7! You go to the toilet regularly


When we say regularly, we don’t mean every hour… daily or every other day will do! If you have enough fibre in your diet you’ll find you don’t have any problems in the toilet department.


8! You eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied


When there are so many diets out there giving us different advice, we start to feel like just listening to our bodies is too simple. But really, if you’re eating whenever you’re hungry and stopping when you feel full, you’re quite literally letting your body do all the work for you. Taking it back to basics will really help you understand how much you need to eat!


9! You’re eating enough food for your body


In a similar way to the previous point, if you ignore the signals that your body is hungry you will be more likely to overeat later on in the day. It is much healthier to be eating smaller meal regularly throughout the day to keep your hunger at bay and stop those midnight binges!


So next time you’re looking longingly at that doughnut, eat it! If you feel like that salad just didn’t fill you up enough, have something else with it! There is no better diet than simply listening to our bodies. If you’re getting enough sleep, having regular toilet trips and feeling energised then you are eating intuitively, which is the healthiest way to eat!


If you don’t feel like you’re meeting all of these points then make sure you start to keep them in mind throughout the day and adapt what you’re eating accordingly. If you need any more tips, feel free to email, or sent us a tweet (@magazinewonk).