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Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Dress Like Young Donna

31st July 2018

Updated article available here.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again is, with no doubt, the feel good film of the summer. All of our favourite characters from the original film are back with some extra cast members playing the younger versions of these characters. The dance numbers are so fun and the singing is mostly spot on (Piers Brosnan is still giving it his best shot...).

Aside from the singing, dancing and acting, the wardrobe is amazing! There are some outrageous combinations which just seem to work perfectly and capture the essence of the film and the characters. This particular article is going to focus on young Donna Sheridan (our Dancing Queen) and her super boho yet stunning outfit choices... and of course the iconic Donna dungarees!

The best part about this style steal is that you can get all the items (apart from a couple of accessories) from Boohoo. This means all of your pieces will arrive on the same day AND you only have to pay for post and package once!

First up, we have this laid-back maxi skirt and t-shirt combination. This is absolutely perfect for orange picking and skipping around a Greek island singing 'Name of the Game'.

Warning: May cause goats to chase you...

Orange Skirt Outfit.jpg
Orange Skirt Outfit 2.jpg

The t-shirt is just a simple navy t-shirt, but we love this one for just £6. This is the perfect t-shirt for this outfit as it's oversized, giving you enough material to tie that cute knot like Donna has done. To perfect this knot, gather the material to where you'd like it to be (under your left rib if you want it to be exact) and twist the fabric until it's easy to tie a knot into. If you want it to stay all day, without undoing, you can also use a navy hair tie to keep it in place. 


This skirt is definitely what makes the outfit. The pop of colour is so pretty, and the maxi style makes the outfit flowy and comfortable. At only £12, this skirt is a bargain and can be the staple pieces of so many other summer outfits. 


To complete the outfit, why not treat yourself to the cute butterfly necklace that Donna is always seen wearing? The brass finish of the necklace makes it perfect to wear with almost any outfit and will definitely catch some attention. This necklace is from Etsy and will cost you £18, which is a great price for such a pretty piece of jewellery, not to mention it also supports an independent business!


If you wanted to go full on Donna and try out her hairstyle too, try curling all of your hair, small strands at a time. Of course, if your hair is already curly you can skip this step. Once all your hair is curly, give yourself a side parting and starting on the right side, loosely twist your hair, adding more as you go toward the back of your head. Use a hair grip to keep this in place. Repeat on the left side and then gather all your hair into a low ponytail at the back. You can take the hairgrips out at this point, or leave them in if you want it to stay a little bit neater. Pull a small bit of hair out of the twist around your face and hairspray your hair to keep it in place all day. 

Dungarees Outfit.jpg

Next up is the first outfit Donna ever wears with dungarees, which becomes her iconic look which we recognise from the first film. Now you can channel your inner Donna with this cute outfit inspired by this moment in the film. This would be perfect for a casual day out, whether you're going strawberry picking or just for a walk around town.


Although Donna has bare feet with this album, there are many footwear options that will go with this outfit, so this is your opportunity to put your own twist on the look. Sandals would be a great idea for a warmer day, or you may opt for some comfier shoes like trainers or pumps. It's entirely up to you and your own style.  


Are these not the most Donna dungarees you have ever seen? Despite to loose, flared fit, these dungarees are still super flattering and would work with so many different t-shirts, blouses and jumpers underneath, so they aren't at all bad for £25! If you wanted to makes these even more perfect for this outfit you could turn the trouser hem up a couple of times to match Donna!


This top is such a close match to the one in the film, however, it has got a plunging neckline. It may be a good idea to wear a vest top underneath this, however, the bib on the dungarees will also cover you up nicely. We are obsessed with the way the red flowers look against the yellow background, and we can definitely see why Donna chose to rock this look! You can get this blouse for £16 and either wear it dressed down, as shown in this look, or you could dress it up a little bit more for a fancier occasion... we love a multi-purpose top!


To get Donna's hair for this look, curl your hair in the same way that you did before, but just take two sections from either side of your parting and grip them at the back of your head. Pull some hair out around your face to make it look messier and then hairspray to keep it in place. 

Arrival Outfit.jpg

This ​is the outfit Donna wears when she first steps onto Kalokairi and is such a nice floaty indie look. There is no denying that she looks as though she stayed nice and cool in this outfit. Rest assured that this even looks good once drenched by heavy rain!


Although this blouse isn't an exact match, it is much easier to wear on a day-to-day basis yet still has the same feel as Donna's choice. The cold shoulder and heavily flared sleeves will keep you nice and cool on a hot day while you stay looking super cute! For just £16, this blouse will be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Denim shorts.jfif

You may not be able to see them underneath her untucked long blouse, but Donna is wearing a pair of denim shorts with this outfit. Chances are you already have a pair of denim shorts which would look great with this, but if you don't these are a great option for just £18!

Finish the outfit off with some messy curls, sunglasses (if it's sunny), and some beige boots if you're feeling particularly boho! 

Funky Trousers Outfit.jpg

We don't know about anyone else but we definitely fell in love with this outfit when it came on screen during the film. Well, it could have been the outfit or the chemistry between her and Sam... we will never know! Although we may never spend a day strolling around a Greek island with a young architect, we can picture ourselves wearing this outfit to 

a festival!

Yellow patterned trousers.jfif

While these trousers aren't the same pattern as the ones Donna wore, they are a very close match as the geometric shapes form what looks like red flowers and has a leaf type pattern in the background. They also give us a very Donna vibe, with the loose but flattering fit. These are a bargain at £15 as they have a very expensive look to them!

Denim Bralet.jfif

This bracelet is so pretty and is such a great length to wear with high waisted trousers. We love the peplum effect at the bottom which gives it an even prettier feel. At only £10 it would be rude not to add this to your summer wardrobe. 


Donna wears a little cropped denim jacket over this outfit in the film, however when we saw this denim shirt, we thought it was the perfect alternative! Throw this over the outfit and keep it unbuttoned if it's a cooler day or when it gets cooler at night. As you'll see later on, this shirt can be reworn in many other outfits, so £18 is a steal!!

Orange and Teal Outfit.jpg

We thought we'd throw this in as a bit of a bonus outfit because we absolutely love the way these colours look together! Donna strikes again with her enviable style! 

This is where you could reuse your denim shirt from the previous outfit. Use it as a base layer and throw this orange jumper over the top, which is a great price at only £12!

Orange jumper.jfif

Top it off with this funky teal hat (£6) and you're good to go... well, once you have chosen some bottoms to go with it of course! You could go full Donna with a flowing maxi skirt or denim shorts, or completely reinvent it to suit your own style!

Teal fedora.jpg

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