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Dress Like Taylor... On A Budget

18th July 2018

Taylor Swift has been seen rocking some 11/10 outfits and we'd be lying if we said we don't have style envy! She's always on point with her fashion... even when coming out of the gym?! That is commitment that we could only ever dream of having!

Although we can't give you the motivation to have your outfits on fleek even after a workout, we can give you these cheap alternatives to Taylor's style!

There's no denying that Taylor looks effortlessly chic in this outfit! She has so many colours going on but they all work together and result in this gorgeous look! Pastels are so in this season, so this is the perfect outfit to recreate.

First up is the top, available from New Look for only £9.99! Although this top is missing the white sleeve and hem detailing and the dogtooth pattern, this top is the perfect choice for this look! The black and white collar detail keeps the look casual and sporty, while still looking effortlessly cute!

The skirt we found is almost an exact match, but for only £8 from Boohoo! Who can say no to a bargain like that?! This mint green skater skirt will not only look really cute with this outfit, but with so many different top and skirt combinations for the summer. It truly is a great investment and will be a great addition to your wardrobe!

At only £14 from ASOS, these are a deal that shouldn't be missed! The coral adds a pop of colour, while still complimenting the outfit. We are absolutely loving the buckles on the side of these shoes! They are a great alternative to Taylor's heels, making the outfit easier to wear during the day. Keep reading to find out the long term effects that high heels can have on your body!

Finally, this neutral coloured handbag completes the look. This bag can be used for so many outfits, so for only £19.99 from H&M, this is a great purchase! It's also like a tardis, so you won't be short of space when packing the things you need for a day out!

Finish this look with a side part and a small section of hair clipped back. If its a sunny day, pop on a pair of black cat-eye sunnies and you're ready to go!


What we wear on our feet has a big effect on the way we move. For example, if people are running in bare feet, they usually put the front of their feet down first. When people run in running shows, they usually put their heel down first. 

According to recent research about high heels, they can actually “alter the natural position of the foot-ankle complex, and thereby produce a chain reaction of effects that travel up the lower limb at least as far as the spine.”

It has been shown that those who are experienced in wearing heels have stronger ankle muscles than those who rarely or never wear heels. However, those who have been wearing heels often, for a long time, actually have weakened ankle muscles and worse balance than those who don't wear heels often!

The reason for the loss of balance and muscle is thought to be because the ratio of strength between the muscles on the sides of the ankles and those at the front and back became increasingly unbalanced over years of wearing heels, contributing to ankle instability and balance problems and eventually to a decline in the strength even of those muscles that had been stronger for awhile.

This suggests that wearing heels is okay on the odd occasion, but if you are wearing heels daily, you may be subject to worsened balance and weakened ankle muscles! 

Back to the fashion!

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