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Dress Like Selena... On A Budget

2nd June 2018

It goes without saying that Selena Gomez is the absolute queen of all things fashion! While her outfits may scream high end, recreating the style yourself isn’t completely out of reach!


Today we’re going to be looking at one of our current favourite outfits that Selena has been snapped rocking!


























It’s undeniable that Selena looks super laid back here, but adds a little bit of glamour with a small heel! That is definitely a look we’d like to get our hands on! Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and pieced together a look-a-like outfit from affordable stores!
























First off is the main piece. Here are a pair of flared denim dungarees from at £35! Although they aren’t an exact match to Selena’s button-down choice, it still gives the same vibe.


























Next up is the cropped nude vest top, which Selena has paired with the dungarees. Here is a great ribbed version from H&M for only £5! Bargain!























Although these shoes are a thinner strap to Selena’s, they pair perfectly with the dungarees and really give the look a bit more glamour! This option is from Dorothy Perkins, where they are on sale for only £18.75! These are a great purchase as they can be easily worn with many other outfits for a little bit of extra chic!






















To accessorize her look, Selena adds a round Louis Vuitton bag (find out why people buy designer brands below)! Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t cover this kind of luxury, but luckily a great alternative is available in Hollister. This is currently on sale for £15.99, so grab it while you can!






There are so many items which look identical to an expensive designer item but at a fraction of the price! So why are so many people still splashing the cash on designer clothes and accessories? The simple answer is PSYCHOLOGY. Psychology a branch of science which studies the human mind and how it works! 


The reasons people buy designer brands can be split into 3 main points:


1. Viewed as better quality


People tend to see cheaper goods as low quality and will focus on the negative points about it. If an item is expensive, they see them as high quality, so will focus on the positive points and ignore the negatives.


2. Feel good


Owning a more expensive handbag or a pair of shoes gives people a self-esteem boost, making them feel more wealthy and like they have accomplished more in life.


3. The real deal


Even when an exact copy of an item is being sold cheaply by a fake company, a person still won’t get the same feeling as owning the real thing. They know that the item is a fake and doesn’t make the owner feel like they have treated themselves.


Back to the fashion!


Finish this look off with your favourite red nail varnish and let your hair down naturally (if you'll pardon the pun) for the perfect put together, laid back look. Rock your inner Selena!


We think this outfit would be absolutely perfect for a day out shopping with friends or a picnic in the park! If you would prefer comfier footwear, we definitely recommend a nice strappy pair of tan sandals! Be sure to tweet us (@MagazineWonk) if you recreate this outfit, we’d love to see!


Happy Shopping!

selena gomez street style fashion wearing dungarees summer spring outfit