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Dress Like Alexa... On A Budget

20th June 2018

We all know Alexa Chung is an absolute fashion goddess. But let’s be honest, her sense of fashion definitely comes at a cost. Just a t-shirt from Alexa Chung’s website would set you back £85!!

Luckily, Wonk! is here to save the day and give you some affordable alternatives to Alexa’s enviable wardrobe!

We have chosen this cute look to recreate as it’s so easy to dress up or down and is sure to leave you feeling sassy! Alexa looks so effortless in this outfit and keeps her look understated and classy with neutral colours.

First up is the top, available from Forever 21 for only £13.99! I don’t think we could have found a better blouse to start off the look! This screams Alexa Chung and we think it is an even more flattering fit as the ruffles are kept to a minimum. We also love the addition of the laser cut out!

The skirt we found is by no means an exact match, but it is perfect for this outfit and has the exact same vibes to it, with a brighter colour! You can find this on Boohoo for just £20. Paired with the blouse, this has such a pretty, laidback feel and will keep you nice and cool! Just watch out for the bugs when wearing this colour (Keep reading to find out why bugs are attracted to yellow)!

These cute boots go perfectly with this outfit and are so similar to Alexa’s. The patent finish gives them a great eye-catching shine and will also go with plenty of other outfits. You can get these from River Island for only £15 at the moment! Bargain!

Finally, this black suede bag rounds off the look and draws the shoes into the outfit! Like the boots, this bag can be used for so many outfits, so for only £9 from H&M, this is a great purchase!

Bugs are attracted to yellow due to EVOLUTION. This is when a species develops traits that are advantageous to survival, so they survive to pass these genes down to their offspring. 


Their attraction to yellow helped them to survive because many plants will turn yellow due to weakened defences. A lot of bugs will only feed on unhealthy plants, so being able to distinguish healthy from unhealthy is very important to them!


Back to the fashion!


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