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How Much Do Disney Princess Voices Look Like Their Character?

17th June 2018

At some stage in their life, nearly every girl has wished they were a princess! For some people, this wish comes true when they get the opportunity to play the voice of a Disney Princess (we’re only slightly jealous… ok, very).


Have you ever wondered what the faces behind the princess voices look like? We got curious too, but we stepped it up a notch and used facial recognition technology to see just how similar the voices are to the character they play!


1! Cinderella

We’ll start with an absolute classic. Slave girl goes to a ball, loses a shoe, turns into a pumpkin… or something like that! Cinderella is well known for her blonde locks in an updo with a pretty blue ribbon and rosy cheeks.

The voice who played her, Ilene Woods, actually comes pretty close to the Cinderella description, minus the blue ribbon, but that’s a minor detail! This comparison showed a massive 91% match! She may as well have just been in the film herself!

​2! Snow White

Next up we have Snow White! A girl living with 7 little men with a severe apple allergy and a tendency to sleep in glass boxes! Snow White is always seen with her short black hair held back with a red bow.


We have to say that Adriana Caselotti has a very similar hairstyle to Snow White, and even has the bow! Although we can’t comment on the colour for obvious reasons! Aside from that, her facial match came to 74%!



3! Tiana

Bringing it back into the 21st century, we have Tiana! Kisses frog, becomes a frog, marries a frog, no longer a frog… not as weird as it sounds… kind of! Tiana is the first black Disney princess and has her hair in an updo with some curls around her face.


Anika Noni Rose who plays the voice of Tiana is an 81% match! This just shows they chose a great voice to match the character and could be a potential candidate if they ever made a live action version of the film (Pleaaaaaase).


4! Ariel

Next, we have everyone’s favourite ocean princess. Ariel, with the voice of an angel and a tail of, well, an Angel Fish! Being the only Disney princess with bright red hair (and also a tail) Ariel is a pretty distinctive character!



When we looked at Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, we could immediately see some similarities. But definitely no red hair or tail, we hope! Jodi and Ariel came in at a 67% match, so although they couldn’t pass for twins, I’m sure we could push for siblings… or maybe cousins??



5! Aurora

Better known as Sleeping Beauty (can relate), Aurora is cursed by a petty woman who didn’t get invited to her christening… we know, it’s a bit extreme! Aurora is famous for her long, blonde hair and pretty pink lips!

Her voice, Mary Costa, is just as glamorous as we’d imagined! Although the picture is black and white, we can so imagine this in colour! We definitely weren’t surprised by the 89% match these two had!

6! Jasmine

Jasmine is a princess, who dresses like a peasant (like we do 99.9% of the time), meets a thief and goes to his hideout (clearly no thought for stranger danger) and gets to ride on a carpet. Jasmine is rarely pictured without her giant earrings and jewelled headband on her bubbly hair-do.

The voice we compared Jasmine to is actually her singing voice, as she had a speaking voice and a singing voice. The singing was done by Lea Salonga, who looks a lot more like Jasmine than her speaker, Linda Larkin! Lea and Jasmine got an 85% match!

7! Rapunzel

The classic tale reimagined as a feisty princess with a chameleon sidekick and an affinity for thieves! I don’t think you need telling that Rapunzel has long, blonde hair, and if you didn’t know that then you’ve officially been assigned homework to watch Tangled immediately!


We don’t see much of a resemblance between Mandy Moore, the voice, and Rapunzel. It’s probably mostly to do with the dark hair, but our thoughts are confirmed with just a 43% match!



8! Merida

Last but not least, we have Merida! A fiery red-head with 3 bear brothers (no, we definitely haven’t got confused with Goldilocks!). Merida is one of the most distinctive looking Disney princesses with her wild, curly ginger hair!


Kelly Macdonald, who plays the voice of Merida, doesn’t have the hair of the character she plays. Aside from that, we don’t see many facial similarities either, coming in at a 58% match!


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