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Real Life Superheroes?!

27th August 2018

The release of Incredibles 2 (finally) has brought back our love for the Parr's and the dream of joining their weird and wonderful family. You can read the review for the Incredibles 2 on Striking Film Reviews!


I think at some stage in our lives we have all wondered what it would be like if we had superpowers. Whether its some extra speed to race your brother to the bathroom in the morning, or extra strength to open a jar of jam with ease, it would be super cool! Thanks to science, some superpowers we thought would remain Sci-fi forever are now becoming a more achievable and we are very excited! 

Keep reading to see how these are going to become possible!

Super Strength 

Mr Incredible.jpg

Mr Incredible is well known for his super strong muscles and although I'm sure there are weightlifters out there who can lift a small portion of what Robert is capable of, super strength is still something we can only dream of having.

Scientists are now developing a carbon fibre suit, which acts as a skeleton outside the body (exoskeleton). Carbon fibre has a structure which makes it extremely strong for its size, meaning the suit allows a person to lift over 20kg without feeling any strain. This is about the weight of a 4 year old!

Even though this suit gives the wearer the ability to lift so much weight so easily, it's still incredibly light, allowing plenty of movement! Maybe it's time to give up going to the gym...



Between Violet being able to turn invisible and Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak, being invisible is shown to look super cool on TV. Technology is now being developed which stops objects being visible.

Usually, we see objects when light is reflected off of it and back into your eyes. Surfaces will reflect light differently depending on their microscopic structure. The invisibility material is designed to prevent light bouncing off the surface, making it invisible to the human eye,

The technology only currently works from a fixed point, but scientists are working on ways they can maintain invisibility whilst moving. All we know is, we will definitely be first in the queue if these ever go on sale!

Super Speed


Can you imagine being able to effortlessly win sports day races? Well now you may be able to by simply using a jet pack! You may think that this would help you fly rather than run fast, but the technology developed keeps the wearer on the ground, while helping them run faster!

The technology has already been trialed for soldiers, who have now managed to improve on their fastest lap times! These jet packs are still in development to allow the wearer to run even faster. This will be revolutionary for those of you who are always late for the bus!

Breathe Underwater


Although there are no characters in the Incredibles who have this power (Incredibles 3 anyone??), here is a bonus! Breathing underwater would be such a useful power to have... step aside mermaids! 

Scientists have created what they call an 'Aquaman Crystal'. These crystals can absorb oxygen from air or water and retains it over long periods of time. This could be what we need to allow us to stay underwater for days at a time!

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