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Black Friday Guide 2018

21st November 2018

Although Black Friday used to be an American thing, it's slowly but surely made its way over to the UK (yay!). If you aren't familiar with Black Friday, it's the Friday after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, where retailers make special offers available to their customers. 


As you can imagine, Black Friday brings out the worst in everyone and however much we want to get our hands on the best deals, we value our lives much more! Shopping centres tend to turn into what can only be described as jungles (think Mean Girls). Thankfully for us, Black Friday shopping can now be done online, with your only concern being spilling your hot chocolate on your laptop!


Bonus: Keep reading to find out why people (including you) go wild for a bargain!


With Black Friday coming up this week, we thought we'd get you ready by giving you all the inside scoop on the best deals we could find! It's the perfect opportunity to get a good bulk of your Christmas shopping done... and of course to treat yo'self, you deserve it! Without further ado, let's get onto the deals!


In The Style is setting the bar high this year with up to 80% off EVERYTHING. Plus, you can get a free    t-shirt with every purchase... yes please!


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Topshop is offering up to 50% off everything! That's a deal you don't want to miss! 

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Whittard has 20% off the Christmas range, to kit you out with gifts, plus 30% off Selected Gifts and 20% off Instant Tea, Hot Chocolate, Tea & Coffee to treat yourself with!

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Check out the shoe range at Blue Vanilla and get 25% any pair(s) you fancy! Simply use the code: BLACKFRIDAY25

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Benefit is offering free fun-sized gifts with orders over £35! For orders over £35, you'll receive 3 free gifts and with orders over £60, you'll receive 6 free gifts! Simply use the code: FREEBIEFUN! at the checkout.



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Jacks Wills is very generously offering customers up to 50% off everything! No code required. ​


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Bella Mia Boutique has a huge range of deals on, including money off huge brands! You can get 15% off Michael Kors, 20% off Abbott Lyon, BOGOF on Zohara Jewellery and more!



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Fragrance direct.png

Fragrance Direct is giving 10% off orders over £20!


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The Hut has a very generous 30% off the products in their shop, so get in there quickly before they go!



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Boots has a huge range of deals on this Black Friday, including 40% off Paco Rabanne and over half price off No7 and fragrances!


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Buyagift are currently giving customers 26% off (the extra 1% makes all the difference) when you use the code: BLACK26



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Smiggle has 30% off for their 'Colour Friday Festival' and free delivery for orders over £40!


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All Beauty is promising to give at least 25% off all of their products! This isn't one to miss.



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Nasty Gal.png

Nasty Gal is giving a massive 50% off all of their items! It'll be absolute mayhem on their website, so get in quick!


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There's no denying that it becomes every man for themselves when faced with a bargain, but how is it that a 50% off sign can turn even the sweetest of people a little bit wild?


The thrill that people get from shopping is all down to the brain. It's been found that the pleasure centre in our brain lights up when we think about buying something new and this goes even crazier when we purchase something at a bargain price! We get so excited that our amygdala is activated, which is the region involved in anxiety and fear, this causes us to act without thinking. 


What's more is that in the crowd of a shopping centre, we can easily get sucked into the crowd mentality. This means that when we see other people acting crazy and without morals, we loosen our own morals as we feel anonymous amongst the crowd and less responsible for our own actions. 


So when you're in a Black Friday crowd, take some time to stand back and think about everything going on inside people's brains. Also remember that the lady clawing someone's eyes out for a discounted TV may actually be a very kind lady deep down, who has fallen victim to the 'Bargain Brain'!



We'd love to hear if you have any horror or funny stories to share of people you've witnessed with the 'Bargain Brain', or the things you've done while under the curse! Tell us on social media (@wonkscience), with the hashtag #bargainbrain.