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Freshly Baked Science

Day 5 - Bloat.jpg

6! Hacks To Beat The Christmas Bloat

5th December 2018

There is no feeling more satisfying than throwing yourself on the sofa after indulging in a Christmas dinner which, in hindsight, was probably too big. Your eyes were bigger than your belly, but Mumma didn’t raise a quitter, so you ignored all the signals of being full and powered through. Regrets? I think not.


The only problem is that you are now wearing something that fit you like a glove this morning but is now bursting at the seams and cutting off your blood circulation. Not cute. So, let’s look at what causes that all too familiar bloat and how we can prevent it!


Why do we bloat?


Bloating is usually caused by excess gas production (nice!) and disturbances in the movement of digestive system muscles. This causes pain and discomfort and leaves your stomach looking bigger than usual.


How to prevent it


1! Know what to avoid


Some foods are worse than others at causing you to bloat. It varies from person to person, so you may have to start noting if there are some foods which make you bloat more than others. But here are a few foods that cause bloating in many people:


  • Apples

  • Beans

  • Dairy

  • Onions


Once you’ve figured out some foods which make you bloat, you don’t have to completely cut them out of your diet but reducing the amount of it that you eat will definitely help!


2! Go easy on the salt


We already know that eating too much salt can lead to all kinds of health problems, but it can also increase your water retention. This means your body starts holding on to excess water, causing you to bloat.


You can decrease the amount of salt in your diet by using other seasonings for flavour, in place of salt, for example, herbs and spices!


3! Eat less fatty foods


Although they may be delicious, foods with a high-fat content take a long time to be processed by the body. This means that they move slowly through the digestive system and can cause bloating.


Healthy fats are a much better option, like avocado, peas and nuts. Eating these rather than deep fried foods will reduce the amount that you bloat.


4! Cut down on fizzy drinks


As we said before, bloating is caused by excess gas and fizzy drinks are made fizzy by… yes, you got it, GAS! When you’re gulping away at your Coke or Fanta, the carbon dioxide builds up in your body and makes you more likely to bloat!


Try sticking to flat drinks like smoothies, water or juice! They’re still just as delicious but won’t leave you with a gassy stomach!


5! Slow down


Sometimes when you’re really hungry, it’s hard not to wolf down your meal. But when you barely chew your food, you swallow a huge amount of air, which again can lead to gas retention.


Taking your time with your food can help enormously and will also help you register when you are full, leading you to eat less overall!


6! Walk it off

If you can hack it, going for a nice Christmas day stroll (before slumping on the sofa) can really help reverse the effects of bloating. It will help your food settle nicely and reduce gas build-up! It’s also a nice way to spend some more time with your family over Christmas and to get your dog exercised if you have one!


At the end of the day, mild bloating isn’t at all dangerous, only mildly uncomfortable for a short period of time. So, if there is one day to overindulge and embrace the bloat… it’s Christmas day! But at least now you know how to avoid it if it’s something that ruins your day every year!

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