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Back-to-School Essentials

29th August 2018

As much as we hate to admit it, the summer holidays are coming to an end and the back-to-school season is officially upon us. Luckily, this also means it's time for new stationery, bags and accessories!

We're very excited to be working with Skinnydip to show you some of our favourite back-to-school items just in time for September. To make the situation even better, they are currently offering 3 for 2 on all of their stationery, letting you kit yourself out and still have some cash to spare!


Lets start with some bags, after all, you're going to need somewhere to put all your stationery, books and lunch! Choosing a bag can be a serious struggle, trying to find one that is big enough to fit everything you need in it and cute enough to... well... be cute. We had a similar struggle picking just one bag to recommend you, so we've managed to cut it down to three that we absolutely love!



This bag is super cute and so in fashion, not to mention the perfect size for taking to school! Between the soft suede and the embroidered daisies, this will have you feeling summery all year round. The basic colours are also guaranteed to go with any school uniform! At £30, we couldn't recommend this bag enough!


Iridescent Backpack (£28).jpg

Can we just take a second to appreciate this bag please?... Thank you! At first glance, this bag is silver, but then you notice the pretty rainbow colours too! The science behind this material is so cool, so keep reading to wow your friends with your knowledge! This bag is even prettier in real life and can also carry all of your school books. For just £28, this could be your bag of this coming school year. 



Fancy keeping it simple with your bag this year? This could be perfect for you, the all black finish keeps it looking professional and basic, but it still has personality with the fun fluffy trim! We love this, and it could be yours for just £28!

Hair Accessories

Next up, we've chosen a couple of pretty, yet practical hair accessories to make your morning routine quicker, whilst keeping you looking as though you've made an effort... plus your hair will stay out of your face all day! I know, we're too good to you!


Hair Clips (£6).jpg

These pretty tortoise shell hair slides are so perfect for school! Their simple colours will fit with most school regulations, while letting you switch up your school hairstyles. This pack of three is only £6, check out the Skinnydip website for other colour variations!


Rainbow Grips (£6).jpg

If tortoise shell isn't your thing, why not try these cool metallic rainbow hair grips? They're thin, so add a pretty, subtle touch to a hairstyle. They're perfect for keeping little fly aways at bay or pinning back an unruly fringe! These can be picked up for just £6 and are a great alternative to the usual hair coloured grip!


Having a locker at school comes with great responsibility! The last thing you want to be doing is losing your key and end up having to pay to get it replaced. Keyrings are a great way to jazz up your key, as well as making your keys harder to misplace! Skinnydip have some of the best keyring options, so here are our favourite 3!



Nothing keeps you happy on a dull day like a rainbow does. This cute keyring adds a pop of colour to your key collection and is on sale at the moment for only £5! Make sure you get yourself one before they all go!



Channel your summer into your keyring with this fun inflatable pool flamingo! Not only is it cute, but it's also filled with liquid which is great for fiddling with! Get yours now for £8!


Femme Keyring (£7).jpg

Why not keep it simple and classy with this french slogan 'Femme' keyring? This is our favourite keyring of the lot and only costs £7!


Is it possible to fall in love with stationery?! Skinnydip have so many stationery options, so we thought we'd pick 3 different items that we love and leave you to look through the rest on their website. You're guaranteed to find something you love, so make the most of their limited time 3 for 2 offer!



We think these notebooks are fab! A pack of 3 only costs £8 and they're conveniently all differently patterned so they can be used for different classes. You'll love taking notes with these!


Pens (£8).jpg

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd ever forget to bring my pen to class again if I had pens like these! You get 2 in a pack, so you could even share with your bestie, or have a back up for when the first runs out of ink! Either way, these are so worth the purchase at £8!



Get all your important information highlighted and revise like a boss with these summery Beach Highlighters! You get three in a pack for £6 which is an offer that shouldn't be missed. Check out their Sunset collection on the website too!

Water Bottle

Not only is buying a new drink every day expensive, but it's also bad for the environment to be using a new plastic bottle all the time! Skinnydip are one of many companies promoting Chilly's bottles, which are fantastic plastic saving, reusable bottles. The best part is that they come in so many cute designs and keep your drinks cool for the whole school day and longer! You can also put hot drinks in them in the winter to enjoy a cheeky hot chocolate on the colder days. 

Water bottle (£25).jpg

We're absolutely loving this rose gold bottle, available for £25! It's nice and simple for school and is a great way to enjoy cold water all day long.

How does iridescence work.png

Iridescence is a word used to describe a surface which appears different colours depending on which angle you look at it from. You may have seen this before on a bubble, seashells, beetles and CDs. 

Light is a wave, and the colours we see have different wavelengths. A wavelength is the distance between two identical points. Iridescence is caused when light is reflected through two or more layers. If the reflected waves match up, the colour is intensified (constructive interference) and if the reflected waves don't match up, the colour is dulled down or cancelled out completely (destructive interference). The colour seen will change with the changing alignment of the wavelength, depending on the angle of viewing!

Science or not, iridescence looks so magical! Why not try to explain this to your friends or impress your teacher with your knowledge of this crazy optical phenomenon? 

We hope these items will get you somewhat prepared for the school year ahead! If you're feeling glum about going back to school... just remember, it's Christmas in 118 days... 

We'd love to see what you've got in your backpack ready for your first day back at school! Send us your pictures through email (, twitter (@magazinewonk) or instagram (@wonkmagazine) to be reposted on our page!