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5! Nail Colours You Need To Try This Autumn

17th September 2018

It's getting darker earlier and lighter later, jumpers are being dragged from the back of the wardrobe and if you listen really closely, you can hear Starbucks prepping their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Yep, you guessed it... autumn is round the corner!

As much as you may not want summer to end, autumn has so much to give and we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited! The main things on our minds are the new trends which will be creeping up in this new season. This week, we've taken a look at the new autumn nail colour trends for 2018 and tracked down the perfect high street options to keep you trendy while on a budget!

*Keep reading to find out how we are able to see colours!*

1! Smokey Red

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Revlon Queen Of Hearts.jpg
Maybelline 352 Downtown Red.jpg

This smokey red is a beautiful colour that has always been an autumn essential. It's a great way to transition your bright red summer nails into a more season appropriate colour.


Luckily this shade is so popular that you can guarantee to find it in any brand that you like, but these three were our favourites of the lot. 

2! Dark Grey

Barry M Gelly Chai.jpg
Charcoal Grey.jpg
Revlon Ace of Spades.jpg
Rimmel 905 Black Grey.jpg

You may find grey quite a boring colour to wear on your nails, but it definitely has its place! This season is all about the dark grey... think less thunderstorms and more private jet. Keep your nails classy and understated and accent with silver jewellery for the perfect autumn look!

With about 50 shades to choose from (sorry, it had to be done), finding the right dark grey isn't always easy so we've chosen for you;

3! Dusty Lilac

Dusty Lila.jpg
Rimmel Rita Ora 811 Hot Metal Love.jpg
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Love Me Lilac.j
Barry M Sunset Dark Side of The Shroom.j

Lilac trends came to an end as spring drew too a close, along with all the other pastel colours. Now, in autumn, get ready for the new, vamped up version. Dash a few drops of grey into lilac and you have your perfect shade for October. 

There are so many different ways to play with this colour, you can go metallic, matte, pinky, bluey... have a look round and see which suits your skin tone the best! The three we have chosen cover a broad range;

4! Caramel

Miss Sporty Pretty Taupe 25.jpg
Collection 18 Suede.jpg
Barry M Gelly Peanut Butter Nude.jpg

Caramel is the new must-have shade of nude... I mean who doesn't want to be reminded of food when they look at their nails?! This gorgeous creamy shade is perfect for nearly any outfit and is a autumn staple!

A couple of the shades we've chosen are more pinky and the Barry M colour is more orangey, but they are all equally pretty. 

5! Aubergine

Deep Purple.jpg
Essie 48 Luxedo.jpg
Sally Hansen Cabernet with Bae.jpg
Rimmel 345 Black Cherries.jpg

Forget the moussaka and the emoji, you need aubergine nails in your life! It's the perfect deep purple to hint at autumn without getting too vampy. We love the shades with a hint of shimmer, it adds another dimension and looks so pretty in the light!

Our choices are all quite similar, but with different levels of shimmer. There are plenty of other options available in the shops at the moment too...

How do we see colour.png

So now you are all set for your autumn nail wardrobe (is that a thing? Probably not...), how  can we actually able to see these colours and tell them apart from each other?

The ability to know that roses are red and violets are blue is all thanks to our eyes and brain working together to translate light into colour. The colour of visible light is dependent on its wavelength. Objects themselves don't actually have colour, but they will reflect some wavelengths and absorb the rest and what we see is the reflected wavelengths, which can be translated to colour. 

The retina at the back of the eye is packed with light-sensitive cells in the shape of rods and cones. Humans have three different types of cone cells, each sensitive to a different wavelength of light (red, green and blue). When light hits the retina, the cones work together to 'read' the wavelength. These cells are connected to nerve cells, which give the brain enough information to interpret what colour the eyes are seeing. 

Fun fact: Where humans have 3 types of cone cells, a mantis shrimp actually has 12! Just think of all the colours we're able to see through a combination of 3 colours... now imagine having 4 times the amount of colours to combine! It's almost impossible to imagine new colours that we haven't seen before because, well, we haven't seen them before! All we know is, we'd love the opportunity to see through a mantis shrimps eyes!

If you try out any of these nail colours, we'd love to see them! Tag us on social media (Instagram: @wonkscience, Twitter: @magazinewonk) to be featured on our site. Share with your friends to keep them up to date with the new season (trust me, they'll thank you)!