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5! Films Being Released in 2019

7th June 2018

Looks like 2019 is going to be the year when all of our money is spent on cinema tickets and overpriced cinema snacks (unless you’re a stealthy sweet smuggler). There have been some crazily exciting films announced for release in 2019 and we can’t wait!! The excitement is getting a little overwhelming, especially with ‘The Incredibles 2’ and ‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again’ just waiting around the corner!

To channel our enthusiasm into something other than screaming uncontrollably, we’ve decided to rank all of the 2019 releases into WONK!’s Top 5!


The original in 1994 was a solid childhood favourite, so when we heard that it was being remade as a live-action film, our inner child was instantly tuned in! Set to be released on the 19th July 2019 (the 25th anniversary of the original), we can already tell that this film will have us playing Hakuna Matata on repeat.


When you thought this couldn’t get any better, Queen Bey (the one and only Beyonce) has been cast to voice Nala, alongside Donald Glover as Simba. Brace yourselves Top 40 Charts, there’s a dreamy duet on its way! To top it off, James Earl Jones (the original Mufasa) is making a come back to voice Mufasa once again.





This one may be a surprise to you Disney fans, as this will actually be the first time a sequel to a Disney princess film has been made! But you eagle-eyed people may have noticed the major hint of its release, seen in Zootopia. Within this film, there was a DVD with an animal version of the Frozen cover, entitled Floatzen 2 (HINT HINT).

The film is set to release on the 27th November 2019. It has been rumoured that Anna and Elsa will be sporting newly designed dresses. If you listen closely, you can hear fancy dress stores rubbing their hands together at the thought of all the money they’ll be making. Money making scheme or not, we’ll be first in line for the new iconic Elsa dress.


This live-action remake got us the slightest bit more excited than the Lion King, it was a close call though! It mainly got higher on our ranks due to the fact it gets released earlier, and we’re very impatient people! Set to be released 2 months earlier on 24th May 2019, this has the potential to be the best live action film to date.


Like Frozen, this was hinted at in the 2 other live-action films; The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. The Jungle Book showed a genie lamp in King Louie’s cave and Beauty and the Beast had a model of Agrabah castle!


The cast for this has been released and we are living for it! Naomi Scott is living the dream of almost every young girl, playing to role of Jasmine… We have severe Magic Carpet envy! Naomi wasn’t the only choice considered for Jasmine, Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix was also in the running.



If you have a keen eye for detail you may notice this claims to be a 2017 release… and no, you haven’t missed it! Toy Story 4 was initially set to release in Summer 2017, but due to a few issues had to be pushed back to 21st June 2019! It’s going to take some major quality to make up for this delay, but we still have faith… which is why it’s made it to the #2 spot!


The film itself is not going to continue on from the other 3 films in the franchise. It’ll be a stand-alone film and will focus on the romance between Woody and Bo Peep. We have been shipping them from day one! #WoPeep! Luckily most of our favourite characters are set to return.. minus Andy!


1! SHREK 5

You best believe that when we saw that Shrek 5 was set to be released in 2019, we freaked! Argue all you want, but the Shrek films are some of the finest comedy films ever made. Since the Shrek Forever After was supposed to be the last Shrek, we’d just about come to terms with the fact that our journey with our favourite green-skinned character and his donkey was over (read on to see why we turn green when we feel ill). Shrek 5 came as a very welcome shock, however, there have been rumours that the writers have completely reinvented the franchise. This could either be very disappointing or become our favourite film of all time!

This effect is exaggerated in cartoons, where someone who is feeling sick turns luminous green. But if you have ever looked at someone who is feeling very unwell, you may notice a slight green tint to their face. But why does this happen? The simple answer is BIOLOGY.


When we start to feel unwell, our body’s first response is vasodilation, this is where the blood vessels relax and open, allowing much more blood through, to deliver more oxygen around the body. This response will cause our blood pressure to drop because there is more space for the blood in the vessels. When our blood pressure drops, our body doesn’t like it and starts trying to undo the problem by squeezing the blood vessels in your arms, legs and face, until they are nearly shut. This increases the blood pressure again but also reduced the blood flow. As there is less blood flowing, your face, lips, fingers and toes will turn very pale. 


The green colour only appears in some skin colours. If someone has a paler, yellowish complexion, when mixed with the blue colour that veins appear under the skin, it will produce a green tone to their skin. This doesn’t happen in darker skin tones, although they will still become paler when they don’t feel well. 


Back to the films!!


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