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Top 5! Christmas Candles

13th December 2018

Christmas is one of those times of year with the best smells… it’s like heaven for your nose throughout the whole of December! What’s even better is that candles make you feel even cosier on those cold nights. Just remember to blow them out when you leave the room! Firefighters are the last people you want coming around for Christmas.

We managed to find all our favourite Christmas scents on Fragrance Direct! They’ve kindly given us 2 candles to give away to our readers! For your chance to win the Baylis & Harding candle or the Heart & Home candle, head to our social media!


1! Village Candle: Sugarplum Fairy £9.99

The Sugarplum Fairy doesn’t just belong in the Nutcracker, it deserves pride of place in your bedroom throughout the festive season! Click here for a review on the Nutcracker and the Four Realms and our thoughts on parallel universes. The blend of plum and raspberry with undertones of amber and cedar wood is perfect. It’s like a party in your nose and everyone is invited! We need this scent as an air freshener, diffuser, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, perfume and toothpaste, please and thank you!

2! Baylis & Harding: Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit £11.95

The packaging of this candle in reason enough to buy it… the Christmas tree on top is such a lovely touch! The candle itself smells incredible! While mandarin and grapefruits might not be the first things that spring to mind at Christmas, the spicy undertones to this candle give the fresh smell a Christmassy edge. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!




3! Heart & Home: Christmas Spirit £6.99

Imagine melting down all the good Christmas smells and pouring them into a jar, well this is the result! Oranges, spiced apples, butterscotch… you name it! They all work so well together, bringing the Christmas cheer to your house. This is a great option if you want something nice, cheap and festive!

4! Orla Kiely: Fig Tree £17.95

This may be a slightly more expensive option, but it’s so worth it! You could even clean out the glass once the candle is finished and re-use it… it’s too nice to throw away! This is such an amazing blend of scents with fig, citrus and lavender. It’s a great one for your bedroom as it’ll keep you feeling nice and calm.




5! Shearer Candles Cranberry & Ginger £9.12

This candle smells so damn good! The ginger gives it a hit of gingerbread (perfect for pretending you have a fresh batch of gingerbread baking) and the cranberry keeps it fruity, fresh and festive… our favourite F’s!



We hope we’ve given you some festive candle inspiration, you can also check out the rest of the range here. Fragrance direct also sell some amazing perfumes, makeup products, bath bombs and more, so be sure to check it out.


We’re always looking for new scents to try, so we’d love to know your favourites! Let us know your favourite Christmas scents on our social media (@wonkscience) with the hashtag #STEMintoChristmas.

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