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The Ultimate STEM Activity Book

24th September 2018

Science can be found absolutely everywhere we look and is in everything we do. Thanks to this, we can recreate scientific phenomenons using every day objects to see it in action. But where do you even start with setting up an experiment?!

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In comes '15 minute STEM', a brand new science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) activity book. This is packed full of quick and easy experiments, giving you the inspiration you may be lacking. As they all take about 15 minutes each, you can easily fit them into your day, and you should already have most of the equipment needed!

The book itself has 40 different experiments which are easy to understand and set up. Each experiment comes with a list of things you'll need, instructions (including an 'investigate' section, which gives an option to alter the experiment and compare with the original) and a fantastic, short explanation of the science behind the activity! They also have the great idea to give job titles which involve similar types of science to the activity, to highlight areas of interest. This is linked up to a glossary at the back where you can find out about all the different jobs available in STEM.

I really can't recommend this book enough and although it is aimed at teachers, it is a fantastic book for students, families and anyone else interested in STEM too! The activities may be short, but they have huge scope to them and inspire a lot of curiosity surrounding them. Our favourite experiment is the 'Magic Milk', check out our Instagram (@wonkscience) to see the video of us trying it out!

If you want to get your hands on this book, they go on sale on 28th September and can be purchased from Amazon: - £16.99.

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