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12 Good Deeds of Christmas

9th December 2018

There is no greater gift to give this Christmas than the gift of kindness! There are so many simple things that you can do that are minimal effort for you, but maximal happiness for the recipient! You will also find that doing a good deed will make you feel amazing inside… once you start, you won’t be able to stop! Check out the scientific benefits that doing good deeds has, here!


1! Fundraise


Christmas is an expensive season for many people, but it’s also the time of year where charities need the most donations! You don’t have to reach into your own pocket to give money, but you could use your talents to raise money to donate. If you’re good at organizing a crowd, host a quiz night. If you’re a great baker, have a bake sale. If you’re crafty, make Christmas cards to sell. Get creative and think of ways you could use your talents to help others this Christmas!


2! Help your parents


A good deed doesn’t have to be for people you don’t know, you only have to look at your own household for opportunities to do good deeds! Everybody loves Christmas, but for adults who have a lot of organizing, spending, cooking and cleaning to do, it can be a very tiring time of year! Simply offering to do the washing up, peel potatoes, serve drinks or put decorations up can really take the burden off your parents!


3! Put loose change in collection buckets


This one won’t break the bank by any means and can help clear out your purse. If you see carol singing going on, or other groups of people collecting money, pop a few spare coins in the collection bucket. It may not seem like much, but money adds up and if everyone were to put a few coins in, they’d end up with a huge amount of money for their efforts!


4! Donate toys and clothes


There’s no better time than Christmas to have a good clear out of your bedroom. There’s a huge demand for charity items over Christmas and all your toys and clothes that you don’t use or wear anymore will be a great contribution. Just take a bag full of your old stuff to your local charity shop, they’ll really appreciate it and you can make room for any new presents!


5! Bake for your neighbours


Nothing spreads happiness and festivities more than food! Why not spend a free afternoon baking some Christmassy cookies to hand out to your neighbours? Wrap them up in cellophane and tie them with a ribbon for a quick, pretty gift.


6! Take a box of chocolates to the hospital


While we’re sitting at home with our families, opening gifts and eating Christmas dinner, hospital staff won’t have time off to spend Christmas with their families. Why not show some appreciation and make their day by taking a box of chocolates (i.e. Roses or Celebrations) on Christmas Eve for everyone working the next day? It’s a small gesture but will make their days that little bit better!


7! Babysit for free


Christmas is a great time for couples to spend some quality time together. If they have children and have spent a lot of money on Christmas, they may be put off going out and organizing childcare. If you know a couple with children, offer to babysit one day or evening, free of charge so they can spend some time together.


8! Buy something for a homeless person


If you see somebody homeless, sleeping on the streets this Christmas, don’t give them money but buy something for them. Good options include a warm meal; like a cup of soup, a hot chocolate, a McDonalds, a blanket, a pillow or socks. These things don’t cost much money but will make a huge difference to their lives!


9! Buy from independent shops


With the takeover of huge retailers, it can be very easy for independent retailers to be overlooked and lose out on profit. When you’re looking for Christmas presents or needing a break from shopping, try to go to independent stores. Simple switches from Starbucks to a local café and from Greggs to a local bakery and from Tesco to a local grocery store will support the individuals that run them!


10! Make breakfast in bed for your family


This just takes you getting up a little earlier than usual, but your family will appreciate it so much! It doesn’t have to be extravagant, even if it’s just their favourite cereal, with the milk in a jug on the side and a cup of tea. If you do want to go all out though, pancakes or a full English breakfast are great options!


11! Pay for a stranger’s coffee


If you’re in the queue in a coffee shop and you hear someone behind you ordering a coffee (one that’s in your budget), why not pay for theirs as well as yours? It will make their day and you never know, they may use their saved money to pay for somebody else’s drink and spread the kindness even further! You’ll be short £3 or so, but their reaction will be priceless!


12! Offer a Christmas present wrapping service


Make it clear to your family, friends, and neighbours that you are available for wrapping duty (as long as it’s not your present of course). Tell them that if they provide you with the paper, Sellotape and tags you can wrap free of charge! Stick some Christmas music on and you can get into the festive spirit while doing a good deed for somebody else.


Let us know if you decide to do any of these good deeds this Christmas! We’d love to see any pictures or hear any stories, it warms our heart! Send us an email ( or tag us on social media (@wonkscience) with the hashtag #STEMintoChristmas!

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